11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018

I’m only human. I can’t split myself into 2 like Piccolo (or any anime character you can think of).

If I could – I’d watch plenty more anime shows than is possible for me to do.

But even still, out of ALL the anime I’ve seen in 2018 (as well as dropped) only 11 deserve to be mentioned. As far as how many I’ve come across.

Here they are…


11 Of My Favorite Anime In 2018:


1. Golden Kamuy

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 1

The chemistry between the main characters, and the stupid facial expressions is PRICELESS in Golden Kamuy.

It’s obviously more than just comedy. It’s a deep dive into the history of a race of people called Ainu.

And you get to learn about how they lived their lives while being entertained by Golden Kamuy’s main story.

I’m surprised how underrated this series is. It’s not as popular as other shows on this list (despite being good).

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2. Bloom Into You

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 2

I’m not one to hunt down Yuri series or pay close attention to what’s next in the Yuri genre. But Bloom Into You has somehow caught my attention.

It’s not too forceful in the sense that “it doesn’t try shoving YURI down your throat”.

And fan-service is kept in check, with the exception of the occasional “Yuri” moments you get to see as the anime progresses.

And that’s not even the important part.

Bloom Into You is the perfect example of forbidden love in our society.

That is, being in love with someone of the same gender. And having to hide it from the public out of fear of criticism and ridicule.


3. Violet Evergarden

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 3

What can I say? Violet Evergarden is the MASTERPIECE of 2018 without even trying to be. And that’s not surprising coming from Kyoto Animation.

Violet (the main character) is a young orphan turned into a tool for war. They even go as far as not teaching her any English, showing her how to write, or teaching her about the how the world works.

She’s naïve, brainwashed, and looking at Violet from a far – it’s depressing.

Years later as the anime starts – Violet is in search of what the words “I love you” means. Since these are the last words spoken to her by her sergeant after the war came to an end.

Never have I seen an anime with gorgeous animation, stunning characters, and an even better story all mixed into one.

The quality of the storytelling sets the bar pretty damn high.


4. Hinamatsuri

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 4

This is a slice of life from the perspective of Yakuza members, and some younger characters.

Hinamatsuri is the “supernatural” version of Violet Evergarden… because it’s both emotional, meaningful, and the storytelling is one of its stand-out qualities.

I love how Hinamatsuri manages to swing back and forth between comedy, relaxing scenes, and more emotional, tear-jerker episodes without compromising on either.

That’s why as far as I see it – Hinamatsuri is a masterpiece in its own right.


5. Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 5

Full Metal Panic was never the most exciting anime for me.

The first season was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. The second season is what blew me away, proving this anime gets better with time.

And the third season – Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory stayed true to the quality seen in season 2.

I like how Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori’s relationship develops. It didn’t feel forced or rushed. Plus the action in some scenes shocked me.

I look forward to the next season, whenever that airs in the next few years!


6. Black Clover

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 6

I’ll admit – I haven’t finished Black Clover. But I can already tell where it’s headed, and how good the anime series is.

I don’t know whether it’s fair to compare it to Naruto, Fairy Tail, or similar Shounen. Because Black Clover does feel different and has its own swag.

I’m expecting big things from Black Clover going into 2019.


7. Goblin Slayer

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 7

Produced by White Fox – Goblin Slayer did initially disappoint me a little bit.

It’s sold as “one of the most violent anime series” with a disturbing first episode that’s designed to shock and surprise.

But then – episodes later, Goblin Slayer feels like a regular adventure series between guild mates and sorcerers. Like a “violent” version of SAO.

But overall, even if the anime doesn’t stick to its so-called “violent” plot, the interactions between the main characters is funny to watch.

And that in itself makes the adventures a lot of fun to see.

So I’d still call it one of my “favorites” of 2018 regardless of how I felt in the beginning.


8. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 8

The main character dies and gets turned into a slime monster. Who eventually becomes more powerful as the series progresses.

I’d say this is the best Isekai series we’ve seen in 2018. It’s original, different, fun and easy to enjoy.

And even though it’s one of my favorites of 2018, I wouldn’t say this is a masterpiece.

For some reason – Isekai anime never seem to become “masterpieces”. At least not as of 2018.


9. My Hero Academia Season 3

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 9

My Hero Academia – it’s cliché to say but it’s also undeniably a great anime series.

II mean – how many Shounen become this popular, feel this fresh, and are able to keep up the momentum without collapsing on themselves?

Izuku Midoriya is a relatable protagonist, AND a protagonist who legitimately isn’t born with any superpowers or quirks.

Its only by chance he’s given the power to change the world, and become a hero like he’s always dreamed of.

The mentor-mentee relationship is emotional between Izuku and All Might.

And the anime does a good job of making a lot of the characters memorable (or relevant) to the story without overshadowing their existence.

MHA is almost a masterpiece.

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10. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 10

On the surface – How Not To Summon A Demon Lord is just a cliché, Ecchi-obsessed anime series. Filled with nothing but harem aspects we’re used to in the industry by now.

But for some reason I managed to finish the WHOLE series without throwing up in my mouth and feeling disappointed.

Maybe it’s the main character – Diablo, and his split personality between being a demon lord (and an Otaku who’s shy around girls).

Or maybe it’s the way the anime swings between purpose and stupidity when it comes to the characters stories, backgrounds and roles in the series.

Either way – How Not To Summon A Demon Lord is one of the most “worthy” shows I’ve seen in 2018.

And is a decent Isekai when all is said and done.


11. A Place Further Than The Universe

11 Of My Favorite Anime Shows I Enjoyed Watching In 2018 11

Produced by Madhouse – A Place Further Than The Universe is a story of determination and “proving people wrong”.

One girl named Shirase wants to meet her mother who disappeared in the past.

As far as Shirase knows – her mother is in Antarctica, but everyone around Shirase teases her and claims it’s impossible to achieve her goals.

And so she saves up a TON of money while in school to make her dreams a reality. And meets other “main” characters with similar interests.

Inspiration is an understatement to describe this series.

It’s a brutal reminder of how “few” people in our lives, and in society, believe it’s possible to achieve bigger things for themselves.

It’s easy to let fear stop you. And making excuses for “why” you won’t do something is more comforting than doing the thing hat scares you.

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And that’s it!

I don’t have any Honorable mentions to add.

What anime have you enjoyed in 2018?

Featured image source: Rimuru Anime Wallpaper



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