FAP CEO: The Kinky Dating Sim Game With Cam Girls (Review)

Fap Ceo Hentai Game Review
  • Are you a fan of hentai?
  • Do you enjoy playing video games?
  • Are you ever imagine being a CEO and get laid with all of your employees?

We’re talking about Fap CEO, a clicker game that’s similar to other clicker games but with an explicit theme.

Who doesn’t like boobs especially when you can enjoy it anywhere from your device.


Let’s have a look at what this game offers

You begin with a hot secretary who instantly shows you around her office. She’s a pair of stunning tits with a clean-shaven p*ssy and nothing wrong with her.

She will earn money for you on her own, and you will become wealthy simply by having her in the workplace.

While you’re here, don’t forget to do the things a CEO does. Checking your email and receiving steamy naked scenes from your coworkers.

For example:aAll of the photos you receive in your email are saved in a special gallery in this game, which you can view in the upper right corner.

fap ceo blondie

Now we’ve established a business and hired a secretary with huge tits… What comes next?

Of course, you should hire additional people!

Now that you’re making money automatically, you may speed things up by utilizing your employees’ private events.

I don’t want to know what strange things they do, but as CEO, I have to assist them in achieving their goals.

You’ll accomplish this by continuously clicking on them, and, of course… Can you assist him? It makes no difference, what counts is that your bank is brimming with cash.


It’s time to hire your second employee once you’ve earned the money

fap ceo screenshot

Who could be more qualified for this position than… Student wearing revealing clothing.

To be honest, this is exactly what the business requires. Workers with little or no experience. And, let’s face it, the first photo she gave was so uninteresting that it was a waste of time.

Except for her underwear, she didn’t display anything in this one. Well, that’s OK, we can just reply and get the next photo, and – unfortunately, you only get two replies before they have to recharge.

It’s always available for purchase but come on… Really? Is it necessary to pay actual money for hentai artwork?

Don’t get me wrong, this art is great and comes up with uncensored detail too.

fap ceo nutaku cover

You can continue to hire new employees while you wait for the response, filling your hot worker list.

Each character has their distinct look, and it’s clear that putting together a conversation for these gals took a lot of mental effort.

That shy girl, who addressed you as her master and was astonished, bashful, and a more formal maid. Some people, however, may be more drawn to the shy girl type.


It all relies on who you are as a person

You can upgrade these females after you hire them, allowing them to earn more money without you having to click on them.

When they have a private event marked with a pink coin hovering over them, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

sexy girl fap ceo scene hentai game

The next thing is the matter of in-game purchases or little transactions for everything on the pricey side.

You can’t even use the recharge option to respond to all emails regularly. Instead, you have to wait for token drops, which can delay access to some of this awesome hentai art.

This can all be avoided by spending real money on the game, but why create a polarizing situation when you can be the guy who is playing for free and collecting cash?

What matters is this game is free to play and it worth your time playing this game.

fap ceo blondie black lingerie

Aside from that, I think Fap CEO is one of the best games from nutaku for individuals who enjoy clicker games.

There’s a lot of things to do and you can return at any moment to finish the plot with the other characters.

You’ll come across some astonishing stuff throughout the game.

At the very least, this game is recommended to play.


Give it a try