14+ Brilliant Anime You Should Look Forward To From October 2022!

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Anime fall 2022 (October onwards) is packed with killer titles, anime shows, movies, and content for everyone of all tastes.

It’s gonna be one of the biggest anime falls we’ve had in the industry for good reasons.

Genres to expect:

  • Shounen.
  • Slice of life.
  • Romance.
  • Comedy.
  • Magic.
  • Action.
  • Ecchi.
  • Military.
  • Mecha.
  • Horror.

With all that said, let’s get to it.

Here’s a list of anime to look forward to.


Best fall 2022 anime (upcoming):


1. More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers (Oct 9th)

More Than A Married Couple But Not Lovers cute kawaii e1664103405201

This wholesome series is adapted from a manga, now being turned into an anime. It’s about two main characters who have to participate in a “couple” contest of sorts.

It’s designed to see if selected boys and girls are capable of living with the opposite sex and being in a relationship essentially. But it becomes more than just that

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2. Golden Kamuy Season 4 (Oct 3rd)

Golden Kamuy Season 4 visuals

Golden Kamuy has always been an underrated anime since the moment it aired its first season. The animation is nice, the action is better than good, the comedy is surprisingly refreshing, and the characters are a highlight.

Now we’re 4 seasons in.

The anime is about a soldier named Saichi Sugimoto who’s on the hunt for some treasure in hopes of profiting. He meets Asirpa, an Ainu, who partner together and the story becomes deeper as it unfolds.


3. Urusei Yatsura (2022) – Oct 14th

Urusei Yatsura 2022 anime reboot

Being handled by David Productions, this anime is actually a remake of the old classic of the same name. It will have 46 episodes with a renewed, fresh look for 2022.

It’s a mixture of sci-fi, Aliens, protectors, humans, and comedy that balances it all out.


4. Futoku no Guild (Oct 5th)

Futoku no Guild visuals anime

Being directed by the director of Redo Of Healer, this Ecchi series is sure to be censored when it finally airs in October 2022. It’s adapted from a manga with its original name being Immoral Guild.

The anime is about a retired warrior who has to train useless girls in a nutshell, and they’re also a part of the anime’s fanservice and innuendos.

Think of it like Konosuba but without the parody and Isekai.

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5. Chainsaw Man (Oct 12th)

Chainsaw Man characters visuals

This anime adapted from a cult manga needs no introduction. It’s arguably the biggest, most anticipated anime series of the entire year. Even more so than Bleach which is a BIG 3 anime.

Makina, the famous female character from the series, and her other side “power” will have a lot in store for the remainder of the year.

Let’s hope the anime doesn’t let the hype go to waste.


6. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War (Oct 10th)

YouTube video

One of the biggest anime coming this fall 2022. Bleach is a Shounen classic and is responsible for the industry making so much progress over the years as a BIG 3 anime.

Just like Chainsaw Man it needs no introduction.

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc has a lot of hype around it and shouldn’t fail to waste all the hype similar to the energy around Chainsaw Man.


7. Kantai Collection Season 2 (Nov 2022)

Kantai Collection Season 2 visuals

If you wanna see cute girls who are battleships and weapons, Kantai Collection has always been that anime. After so many years they decided to give it a 2nd season.

You’ll find historical references to battleships from WW, Japan, and things of that nature, but in a simmered down sugar-coated fashion.


8. Spy x Family Part 2 (Oct 1st)

Spy x Family Part 2 anya cute

The family of Anya, Loid, and Yor are back again for another round. This is part 2 rather than season 2.

Loid, a spy, needs a faux family to obscure his identity even more so he can continue his work without interruptions. So he finds Anya, a strange orphan with the ability to read minds.

He also finds an assassin called Yor who offers to marry him on the spot (almost).

This family-based anime can be both wholesome and somewhat violent, and even insightful depending on the scene and context.


9. Sword Art Online: Progressive Movie – Kuraki Yuuyami no Scherzo (Oct 22nd)

Sword Art Online Progressive Movie Kuraki Yuuyami no Scherzo 2022

SAO consistently has new content pumping out. Last Year it was a different progressive movie that did well. And this time around it’s the Kuraki Yuuyami No Scherzo version.

This anime franchise needs no introduction. But the animation in this movie is stunning.


10. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3 (Oct 8th)

Welcome to Demon School Iruma kun Season 3 2022

This anime has been quietly doing well since season 1 without being too flashy, loud, or mainstream. Now it has a 3rd season that will air in October 2022.

As the name implies it’s about a demon school and a kid that looks like Deku who takes part in it. The story progresses a lot.


11. My Hero Academia S6 (Oct 1st)

shigaraki tomura league of villains

My Hero Academia has proven itself year after year with its new seasons (except s5 mostly). Season 6 is said to be one of the best arcs of the franchise.

As the story continues to follow Deku, the eventual number 1 hero, you can expect it to be trending across Twitter along with Chainsaw Man and Bleach in the coming months.


12. Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang out S2 (Oct 1st)

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang out S2 ecchi

The anime that was made famous by controversy, Twitter, and people complaining about non-issues relating to the series.

Season 2 took longer than expected but is finally here, and it’s likely to be caught up in controversy again because cancel culture and the loud minority don’t know when to quit.


13. Mob Psycho 100 S3 (Oct 6th)

Mob Psycho 100 S3 mob face

A well-deserved anime with a new season, and one with some killer visuals, action scenes, and a decent story with good characters to back it up and carry it forward.

The 3rd season will have a change of voice actors (dubbed) thanks to Crunchyroll’s ignorance and arrogance, and the controversy that came with their drama in September 2022.


14. Housing Complex C (Oct 2nd)

Housing Complex C horror anime

And finally, another horror series for the year (last one was Mieruko Chan). Housing Complex C will air this October 2022.

You can think of the setting as being similar to Corpse Party, Higurashi, or a horror anime of that nature.

Hopefully, it surprises us all and actually does a killer job because the Horror genre needs it and we want it.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit.
  • Shinobi no Ittoki.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury.
  • Poputepipikku 2nd Season.
  • Akuyaku Reijou nanode Last Boss wo Kattemimashita.
  • Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan: Super Extra.
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: The Movie – Scarlet Bond.
  • I became the sword by transmigrating.
  • The Eminence In Shadow.
  • To Your Eternity Season 2.
  • Blue Lock.
  • The Daily Life of the Immortal King 3.
  • Romantic Killer.



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