Fake Lay: The Turn Based RPG Dating Sim In A Hentai Style (NSFW)

Fake Lay Review Hentai Game
Written by Mahathir M

Imagine you’re being a cab driver, and you got a hot chick on the back seat of your car, and you can only wish if there is something happen like the porn movie I used to watch.

Maybe this game will help you fantasize about what it will look like.

Introducing to you, Fake Lay is a turn-based RPG dating sim with an extra clicker on it that will make your day wonderful and imaginative.

Fake Lay is an online simulation role-playing game in which players may build relationships with the hot babes inside the games before you earn their trust.

You may either become a cab driver and take them to various locations inside the game, or you can become a movie star and perform in front of them to grab their attention.

Your primary objective is to drive around and pick up females. Make them undress for you, as the goal from this game is to reach the top of the industry, doing this kind of thing will surely boost up your reputation.


Persuade them to strip down for you and feature in your wild porn films

You’ll be able to master your disguise talents by selling the sexy porn movies you recorded.

To get on top of this kind of industry, you’ll need to find the proper combination of deception and seduction to get laid.

Since this game has no specific plot all you have to do is just click around and seduce every girl you meet to get laid with them on your cab.

Doing this is not as easy as it seems, you must increase your skill in order to get everything smooth.

Offering you with up to 39 girls to pick on top of it, you will make more money from and with them so you can build your porn empire.


As same as other clicker games this game also has a mini-game to enjoy inside it

fake lay nutaku clicker game

By playing the mini-games you can easily kill the boredom and increase your stats in the game.

Coming with stunning cartoon-style art is the thing that makes this game unique.

I’ve seen a lot of drawn pornography from Hentai to comic books and even games like this one.

I can assure you that FakeLay’s graphic style is obviously superior to a lot of drawn pornography I’ve seen in terms of quality.

They provide a quite detailed shape and curve for the naked body that will make you aroused from those.

Moreover, the animator has developed a good work in working with the animated scene that will blow your mind.

It’s so smooth so you won’t realize that you are playing one of the western cartoon-styled hentai games.

fake lay nutaku big ass 1

Coming with a good BGM is a good thing to enjoy but the real purpose of this game is not the BGM but the sound of the chicks that will make you a boner from it. 

It’s a worthwhile game to play in your spare time since it is also a free game. However, most free games don’t offer you this kind of feature mentioned above. But…

if you want to make this game easier and faster to complete, which means you will get your porn empire in this game sooner you can easily use in-game purchases to boost it up.

Or if you are already bored with the girl that’s offered in this game you can simply buy a premium girl of your desire.

By using Nutaku coin to buy some diamonds, time, and money will surely help a lot in this game or any other similar game.


It is your choice to decide

fake lay girl nutaku hentai game

At the end of this review, we surely recommend you to play Fake Lay as it will also give you experience in building a porn empire by using the one and only cab or maybe other transportation you have.

It is possible to make this as a reference in real life.


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