5 Reasons Why The Anime Retailer “Eye On Asia” Is Going Out Of Business

Anime Retailer Eye On Asia Is Going Out Of Business

Have you heard of the UK anime retailer – Eye On Asia?

If you’re a British anime collector, you may have heard of this retailer before.

Anime Retailer "Eye On Asia" Is Going Out Of Business

Out of the handful of UK anime retailers, Eye On Asia was a prominent one.

But recently?

DRONES of their customers have complained about their poor service.

Not to mention tons of collectors preorders, figurines and previous orders have yet to be shipped.

Or even acknowledged as far as customer support and service.

Here are 5 worrying signs Eye On Asia is about to shut down and close their doors…


1. Facebook page shutdown to avoid negative reviews

eye on asia facebook page closed down

Eye On Asia’s Facebook page had almost 3000+ likes.

But according to 1 of their customers:

“They keep ignoring their customers and they have deleted their Facebook page as well. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, BECAUSE YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!”

That’s one of many recent negative reviews from the website: Trust Pilot.

Here’s another example before their Facebook page shutdown:

“Tried contacting Eye On Asia several times since June to find out what was happening, via their contact us page, email and finally Facebook and never got any responses. Their Facebook messaging no longer accepts messages from me even though I only sent one kindly asking for an update.”

The fact that they shutdown their Facebook page is an obvious sign.

And it’s certainly not a good sign in general either.


2. Constant negative reviews on Trust Pilot (website)

negative reviews trust pilot - eyeonasia.co.uk

A number of reviews have flooded into Trust Pilot in regards to Eye On Asia.

Most reviews highlight their poor service, the fact that nobody is responding to customers…

Not to mention why it’s a bad idea to preorder from them, as no refunds have been given out.

And the pre-ordered anime products themselves haven’t been shipped out to customers either.


“As others have mentioned, deposit was taken but product never shipped. The company no longer seems to be active so it appears that they have gone out of business, even though there’s no acknowledgment of this on their website or Twitter account. Avoid at any cost!!”

3. Complaints on Reddit for pre-ordered items

eye on asia reddit negative reviews

In case you can’t see the text, here’s part of what the message says about eyeonasia.co.uk:

“So in October last year I placed a £20 deposit on a pre-order with a release date of 31st May 2017. 3 weeks have passed since that date has passed and I have had no correspondence from them about paying the rest of the order or its status.”

And this is only 1 of many other threads on Reddit related to these complaints.

Which Eye On Asia haven’t responded to.


4. Customers have yet to receive a response for their queries

This one should go without saying, as you’ve seen so far.

There’s been no responses whatsoever for months. And within that time frame they deleted their Facebook page.


5. Twitter page no longer being updated

Since September 2017, Eye On Asia’s been inactive on Twitter.

And have yet to respond to any messages on the platform. Including messages by email, website, reviews or anything of the sort.


Despite what’s going on, Eyeonasia.co.uk is still online (but dead)

Which is to say: Eye On Asia will likely go out of business before 2018 comes around.

This is what customers believe to be the case. As they’re taking orders, still.

And from a logical stand point, this seems like the most obvious scenario that will play out.

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