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18 Dragon Ball Super Quotes That Will Make You Laugh And Feel Nostalgic

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Dragon Ball Super is still ongoing. But the quote so far have been hilarious, emotional, and motivational.

Just as you’d expect from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Each DB Super Quote is from the following characters:

  • Beerus.
  • Goku.
  • Vegeta.
  • Hercule (Mr Satan).
  • Gowasu.
  • Frost.
  • Whis.
  • Black Goku.


18 Dragon Ball Super Quotes Worth Sharing:


Beerus Quotes (DB Super)

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Before creation… must come destruction!” – Beerus

Something along those lines…


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Now all that is left is the destruction of earth, but I think it would be a waste to destroy it. The food of this planet is very delicious.” – Beerus

Beerus is apparently the comedic type.


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“It seems Saiyans have changed since the last time I saw them. They have become cowardly.” – Beerus

The story behind this quote would be interesting to see in DB Super.


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Anyone stronger than the god of destruction does not exist.” – Beerus


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“I am a god with a heart, but there’s one thing I cannot tolerate… people who don’t pay proper respect to others.” – Beerus

A god of destruction with a heart…


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Nobody preaching about justice is ever a good guy.” – Beerus

Some truth to that statement!


Goku Quotes (DB Super)

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“An angel? So Whis is an angel? But he’s got no wings, and his butt’s not hanging out.” – Goku

This quote is the reason why you either love Goku, or hate Goku for his innocence.


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Me personally, I like to work and train.” – Goku

This is the absolute truth about Goku.


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“If I win, promise you won’t destroy the earth.” – Goku


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

Your new form is burning through more power than your body can supply. You should have waited until you were used to this form and knew how to regulate it before you started picking fights.” – Goku

Goku talking to Frieza.


Whis Quotes (DB Super)

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Well, I wonder what the prince would do if he knew, you authorized planet Vegeta’s destruction from the start?” – Whis

Whis having a conversation with Beerus in DB Super.


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“You failed to protect your planet, because of your own leniency. The only way to avoid this is to send Frieza back to his flower garden.” – Whis

Whis having a conversation with Goku.


Frost Quotes (DB Super)

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“I start wars, resolve them myself, then I buy up the war-ravaged lands for a low price and make a killing off redevelopment and reconstruction concessions. It is a brilliant scheme.” – Frost

These words should hardly surprise DB fans.


Black Goku Quotes (DB Super)

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“I am looking at things from a much higher perspective than you. I observe this world, this universe, the truth of all things. And I have realized that humans must be destroyed. Out of all which the gods have made, mortals are their sole failure. In order to make this world, this universe, into a beautiful utopia, I must remove humanity, in place of the gods who refuse to admit their mistake.” – Black Goku

Black Goku preaching in one of the most loved DB Super arcs.


Vegeta Quotes (DB Super)

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“While I’m here wasting time, how hard is Kakarot training.” – Vegeta

Vegeta committed to self improvement as usual! That’s what I love about Vegeta.


Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Death by a god of death, this may be a proud moment.” – Vegeta

That Saiyan pride kicking in…


Gowasu Quotes (DB Super)

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“Even if evil makes you lose your way, you stay your ground and keep searching for the path of good. Is that search not what justice is? It is for that reason that gods gave mortals knowledge.” – Gowasu


Mr Satan (Hercule) Quotes

Dragon Ball Super Quotes

“I vowed that earth would forever remain in peace. Since I made that vow, not a single threat has been made against earth. That’s all thanks to the fact that my name is known throughout the entire galaxy.” – Hercule (Mr Satan)

Hercule’s one of those guys who will gladly steal your spotlight and claim it as his own.

As shameless as he is, you have to admit he makes Dragon Ball a little more hilarious.



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