8 Real Life Science Facts From Dr Stone For British Science Week

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Can you remember much of the science you learned at school?

Do you know the difference between an amino acid and an enzyme? Or would you struggle to light a bunsen burner?

To celebrate British Science Week from March 6th – March 15th 2020, let’s get into some real science facts from Dr Stone.

Dr Stone is an anime that already has so many life lessons to learn from, and this only adds to it.

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The anime series tells the tale of scientist Senku Ishigami who turns to stone when the entire human race is petrified after a mysterious event.

Some 3700 years later, he wakes up and decides to rebuild civilisation using science with the help of a handful of other characters that he manages to revive.

His friend Taiju Oki, their classmate Yuzuriha and a martial artist whose skills come in very handy when the planet is populated by hungry predators from the animal kingdom.

The show is based on a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki

Let’s get started.


1. Senku makes soap


In episode two, Senku smashes some seashells to get calcium carbonate and makes soap. It’s a vital commodity as there is no disinfectant on the planet and soap is the next best thing when it comes to hygiene and warding off disease.


2. Creating mortar 


Once Senku had made calcium carbonate from crushing seashells, he was able to create mortar by mixing it with sand.


3. Preserving food

salt and fish

Senku was able to preserve food by leaving meat or fish packed in salt for a few weeks and then hanging it in smoke for a few days.


4. Creating charcoal

carrying wood for coal

Senku makes charcoal by burning hardwood and then uses it as an ingredient for gunpowder.


5. Making spectacles

testing lenses

When Senku meets Suika in Ishigami Village where descendents from surviving Space Station astronauts have settled, he helps improve her eyesight using the pinhole effect. He makes two holes in a helmet made of watermelon and creates lenses by turning quartz sand into glass.


6. Brewing Coca Cola


After stumbling upon Ishigami Village, Senku realises he must win them over, so he creates a meal of Ramen and Cola. He uses honey, carbonated water, lime and cilantro to make the fizzy drink.


7. Homemade candy floss

cotton candy

Senku wins minds and tastebuds by making delicious candy floos. Using centrifugal force, sugar crystals get pushed out of small holes in a rudimentary spinning device and form strands.

These strands are collected in a larger bowl and form candy floss.


8. Creating a mobile phone

cell phone

Season one was a build up to the moment when Senku made a working cell phone. It required the creation of a manganese battery, gold wire and a vacuum tube.

Making a modern communication device in the Stone Age is no small feat, but when Senku finds tungsten, the most heat-resistant metal in the universe, he’s off to a great start.

He turns it into powder, creates a tungsten toothpaste and heats it to form a filament.Plastic is made from wood, copper and coal ash plus sodium hydroxide. Finally, voices were transmitted using a microphone and a landline connected to a speaker.

What other scientific facts from Dr Stone can you think of?


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