Remember Digimon? Here Are All The BEST Quotes Anime Fans Will Love

Digimon quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Taichi Yagami.
  • Yamato Ishida.
  • Devimon.
  • Mimi Tachikawa.
  • Pinoccimon.
  • Piemon.
  • Mugendramon.
  • Koushiro Izumi.
  • Metal Seadramon.
  • Vamdemon.
  • Sora Takenouchi.
  • Etemon.
  • Takeru Takashi.
  • Jou Kido.
  • Hikari Kamiya.
  • Apocalymon.

Digimon is a legend in the anime industry. And like many legends of a similar nature, there are quotes anime fens can take from the series for entertainment.

Or just to remember their favorite characters and moments.

Let’s focus on that and share the best Digimon has to offer.


A Collection Of Digimon Quotes:


1. Taichi Yagami Quotes

“I have a foolproof plan: first we’ll eat something, then after that…I’m open to suggestions!” – Taichi Yagami


“Dear Sora, I’m sorry about what happened. I haven’t felt this bad since the time I accidentally threw up in your hat and didn’t tell you about it before you put it on. I know our relationship has been a little stormy lately. You say you love thunder showers, so what’s a few raindrops between friends?” – Taichi Yagami


2. Piemon Quotes

“Who would like to the first to be destroyed? Oh, come now, don’t tell me you have stage fright?” – Piemon


3. Mugendramon Quotes

“Oh, good, just what I was looking for: victims!” – Mugendramon


4. Pinocchimon Quotes

“I’m the life of the party…I put the fun in fungus.” – Pinocchimon


5. Vamdemon Quotes

“It is my destiny to plunge this world into darkness and become king of the Digital World!” – Vamdemon


6. Metal Seadramon Quotes

“I rule this sea with an iron fist, an iron tail… an iron everything, really.” – Metal Seadramon


7. Devimon Quotes

“Feel the Touch of Evil!” – Devimon


8. Etemon Quotes

“You measly little DigiDestined humans, thank you very much.” – Etemon


9. Hikari Kamiya Quotes

“Being a Digidestined means that sometimes you have to save the world, even if you’re the one who caused the problem.” – Hikari Kamiya


10. Jou Kido Quotes

“Tai, I’m so glad to see you, but don’t break anything.” – Jou Kido


11. Koushiro Izumi Quotes

“Prodigious!” – Koushiro Izumi


12. Takeru Takaishi Quotes

“Matt, I’m gonna tell Mom that you were fighting!” – Takeru Takaishi


13. Sora Takenouchi Quotes

“Now that you boys have holes in your heads, maybe your brains will get more oxygen.” – Sora Takenouchi


14. Mimi Tachikawa Quotes

“Wow! Why didn’t I pack my fluffy pink snow boots?” – Mimi Tachikawa


15. Yamato Ishida Quotes

“I swore I would never let anyone see me cry. But really, all I ever wanted to do was cry.” – Yamato Ishida


16. Apocalymon Quotes

“I am the ultimate evil – complete with hot AND cold running water!” – Apocalymon


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