Demon Slayer Surpassed One Piece, Selling 200,000+ MORE Copies (2019)

demon slayer anime wallpaper
Written by Theo J Ellis

anime released.

The truth is though – the anime came out.

The anime series took it to new heights and now it’s soaring so high that it surpassed One Piece in 2019. Outselling the Shounen king by over 200,000+ copies!

This isn’t surprising when not too long ago – Otakomu reported that bookstores in Japan “panicked” because Demon Slayer was selling TOO much.

demon slayer selling too much bookstores news
“Devil’s Blade” is a bad translation on Google’s part. It’s supposed to say Demon Slayer 😉

Assuming Demon Slayer keeps up the pace and all of the Manga volumes are adapted in years to come, it has a chance of becoming the #1 best selling shounen of ALL TIME.

But that’s yet to be seen. Even still – it deserves a round of applause and a standing ovation.


For more of a breakdown on sales figures, read these tweets:



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