Twitter Logic: “Being A Fan Of Demon Slayer Makes You A Paedophile”

demon slayer funny moment

I’m not one to touch on this too much because there’s so much of it, but I’m guessing this is all for attention.

In the latest “Twitter Outrage” for the anime industry, “liking” demon slayer makes you a paedophile because the main characters are teenagers!

Because that’s what being a “paedophile” is supposed to mean, right?

Take a look for yourself.


In their own words:

“Liking KMY (Kimetsu No Yaiba) makes you an actual pedophile whether you like it or not.

If you actually enjoy a show that has minors as the center focus it’s probably a sign you’re a p*do.”

minami ke meme

For the record: a paedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to children.

By this logic – anyone who watched Dexter’s Laboratory, or parents who watch cartoons with their KIDS are paedophiles (by the logic of the tweets).

This is clearly for likes, clicks and retweets.

You can already guess what kind of response these Tweets got.

Just when will all this Twitter outrage about anime end?

Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!



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