29+ FRESH Darling In The Franxx T Shirts For Your Wishlist

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Darling In The Franxx is one of the most popular anime of the decade (2010’s).

We can thank Zero Two for most of that popularity, as she’s become a solidified waifu and more.

In this post you’ll find:

  • Zero Two T Shirts.
  • Hiro T Shirts.

And T shirts from different aspects of Darling In The Franxx.

Let’s get started!


1. Franxx T Shirt

2356495 1

Franxx logo t shirt.

Franxx T Shirt


2. I Promise Darling T Shirt

2862449 0

I Promise Darling T Shirt


3. Darling In The Franxx Tee

2307078 0

The whole darling in the franxx squad on the front.

D.I.T.F Squad T Shirt


4. Zero Two Future T Shirt

2639066 0

Zero Two Future Tee


5. Zero Two Christmas Tee

3543568 0

Zero Two Christmas Tee designs.

Zero Two Christmas Tee


6. Zero Two Smile T Shirt

2367812 0

Zero Two Smile T Shirt


7. Zero Two Black Red T Shirt

2798709 1

Zero Two Black Red T Shirt


8. Zero Two Ecchi T Shirt

3738420 1

Ecchi Zero Two T Shirt  with lolipop and coat.

Zero Two Ecchi Tee


9. Zero Two & Hiro T Shirt

2343766 0

Zero Two & Hiro T Shirt


10. Darling In The Franxx Minimalist T Shirt

2888280 0

Zero Two with Hiro T shirt.

Zero Two with Hiro Tee


11. Darling In The Franxx Logo Tee

5907940 0

Darling Logo T Shirt


12. Darling In The Franxx Hiro T Shirt

2655159 0

Hiro Darling In The Franxx T Shirt red white design.

Hiro T Shirt D.I.T.F


13. Zero Two D.I.T.F. T Shirt

6336186 5

Zero Two D.I.T.F T Shirt


14. Darling V1 T Shirt

6353351 0

The famous darling! line as a T shirt in black and white.

Darling T Shirt


15. Klaxosaur T Shirt

2892008 0

Klaxosaur T Shirt


16. Zero Two NES Cover T Shirt

2745591 0

Darling In The Franxx Zero Two T Shirt, with NES old school designs.

Zero Two NES T Shirt


17. Zero Two Writing T Shirt

3775111 3

Zero Two Writing T Shirt


18. Ichigo T Shirt Darling

2643397 0

Ichigo and her franxx t shirt design.

Ichigo T Shirt


19. Won’t You Be My Darling T Shirt

5961118 0

The famous “won’t you be my darling” printed text with Zero Two!

Won't You Be My Darling T Shirt


20. Zero Two Design T Shirt

3929810 0

Zero Two Design T Shirt


21. 002 T Shirt

3737435 0

002 T Shirt with text all over.

002 T Shirt


22. Zero Two Darling Tee

4993143 0

Zero Two Darling Tee


23. Found You My Darling T Shirt

2377428 0

Found you my darling with Zero Two and Hiro opposite each other.

Found you my darling T Shirt


24. Sexy Darling T Shirt

2685797 0

Sexy Darling T Shirt


25. Darling In The Franxx Characters T Shirt

5301715 1

Zero Two, Ichigo, and other female characters from Darling In The Franxx.

Darling female characters T Shirt


26. Zero Two White Coat T Shirt

5971115 0

Zero Two Colorful T Shirt


27. Goro & Ichigo T Shirt

2657504 0

Goro & Ichigo T Shirt


28. Ichigo & Zero Two T Shirt

6052510 0

Kawaii T Shirt of Zero Two and Ichigo hanging out together.

Zero Two & Ichigo T Shirt


29. Kawaii Hiro & Zero Two T Shirt

2870555 0

Zero Two in her original form and Hiro playing together.

Kawaii Hiro & Zero Two T Shirt


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