The Snazziest Darling In The Franxx Cosplay Outfits For Your Wishlist

hiro and zero two darling in the franxx wallpaper

This is a post in partnership with Ez Cosplay (as an affiliate).

Darling In The Franxx is naturally one of the most popular anime of recent years.

2018 to be exact. And with popularity (and controversy) comes products like cosplay for fans to relive the experience.

If you’re looking for:

  • Darling In The Franxx Cosplay.
  • Wigs.
  • Accessories.

And everything in between from D.I.T.F – this post is for you.

Let’s get started!


The Best List Of Darling In The Franxx Cosplay for Sale:


1. Zero Two Code 002 Cosplay Costume

ecm0612 2

Zeto two’s most natural outfit, commonly seen in the series – Darling In The Franxx. Perfectly captured.

Zero Two Code 002 Cosplay for Sale


2. Hiro Goro Zurome Darling In The Franxx Cosplay Outfit



The regular costume all the main male characters wear in Darling In The Franxx. Including Hiro, the protagonist.

Get the cosplay now.

Hiro Zurome Cosplay for Sale


3. Ichigo Miku Kokoro Darling In The Franxx Costume

ichigo cosplay darling in the

The same outfits all the female characters wear, now as cosplay. Including the same outfit worn by Ichigo!

Ichigo Miku Kokoro Cosplay for Sale


4. Zero Two Code 002 Battle Costume Spandex Cosplay

When Zero Two goes into battle with her franxx, this is the battle costume she’s seen in.

Now you can wear the same outfit, too with Ez Cosplay.

Zero Two Battle Spandex Cosplay for Sale


5. Hiro Battle Suit Costume Cosplay Darling In The Franxx



Hiro’s battle suit costume, taken from the scenes where he pilots the franxx with Zero Two.

Grab the full body suit at Ez Cosplay. Captured in the finest details.

Hiro Battle Suit Cosplay for Sale


6. Ichigo Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume Darling



Ichigo’s jumpsuit, worn in battle situations in the anime series: Darling In The Franxx.

Ichigo Jumpsuit Cosplay for Sale


7. Zero Two Code 002 Daily Clothes Cosplay Outfit



When Zero Two’s taking a break, relaxing and away from the battle scene, she’s in her school uniform. Having fun.

Grab the full cosplay outfit with Ez Cosplay, tie and red scarf included.

Zero Two Daily Clothes Cosplay for Sale


8. Ichigo Code 015 Daily Clothes Cosplay

When Ichigo’s off duty in Darling In The Franxx, these are the clothes she’s seen wearing.

Hoodie, white shirt, skirt and everything else is included.

Ichigo 015 Daily Clothes Cosplay for Sale


9. Ichigo Swimwear Cosplay Outfit Darling In The Franxx

Ichigo’s swimwear outfit when she’s on the beach with the team.

Ichigo Code 015 Swimwear Cosplay for Sale


10. Zero Two Code 002 White Shoes Cosplay Boots



Match up your full Zero Two Cosplay outfit with her white shoes to complete the look!

Zero Two White Shoes Cosplay for Sale


11. Zero Two Code 002 Cosplay Sports Suit

Zero Two in her sports suit. Wear the same clothing with all the same features!

Zero Two Sports Suit Cosplay for Sale


12. Hiro Black Wig Cosplay Accessory Darling In The Franxx

hiro wig cosplay

Hiro wig to complete the cosplay look for the main protagonist from D.I.T.F!

Hiro Black Wig Cosplay Accessory for Sale


13. Zero Two Sports Suit Headwear Accessory Cosplay

The perfect head piece to finish Zero Two’s look for any cosplay item!

Zero Two Sports Headwear Accessory for Sale


14. Ichigo Barrel Spine Waist Armor Darling In The Franxx



Add this waist armor to your cosplay outfit for Ichigo’s battle costume. Or anything else of your choice!

Ichigo Code 015 Barrel Waist Armor for Sale


15. Kokoro Code 556 Battle Suit Cosplay

darling in the franxx kokoro code 556 battle suit cosplay costume   only jumpsuit 1

Kokoro Battle Suit Cosplay for Sale


16. Ichigo Sports Suit Cosplay Outfit

If Ichigo is one of your favorite D.I.T.F characters, she also has a sports suits cosplay to choose from!

Ichigo Sports Suit Cosplay for Sale


17. Kokoro Ichigo Miku Zurome Cloak And Hat Cosplay



Cloak and hat combo from Darling In The Franxx – as a cosplay outfit!

Cloak And Hat Kokoro Cosplay for Sale


18. Zero Two Cosplay Only Cloak And Hat 

zero two cloak and hat

Zero Two’s classic cloak and hat outfit. In White.

Zero Two Only Cloak And Hat for Sale


19. Zero Two Red Cosplay Shoes 



Cute red shoes of Zero Two from Darling In The Franxx.

Zero Two Red Shoes Cosplay for Sale


20. Zero Two Barrel And Carapace Accessory Prop Cosplay



Add this barrel accessory prop of Zero Two to your cosplay outfit for some extra oomph!

Zero Two Barrel Accessory Cosplay for Sale


21. Nana Darling In The Franxx Cosplay Costume



Nana’s standard military costume from the control room in the anime: Darling In The Franxx.

Nana Darling In The Franxx Cosplay for Sale

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