Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

We’ll be starting a new “thing” here at Anime Motivation. And that’s a daily anime news recap of everything that’s happening in the industry.

Of course, not everything will be covered, There’s way too much anime news for that kind of thing.

BUT, at the least, the TOP anime news of the day will be covered and shared into ONE article for your convenience.

And especially news that’s important to you, the community, and myself.

This allows you to:

  • Get a dose of all the BEST anime news without sifting through tons of websites.
  • Check out all the latest anime news on ONE website, once everyday.

And of course: it means you can check out ONLY the anime news that grabs your interest. Instead of being bombarded with article after article from dozens (or even 100’s) of different websites, tweets, blogs and more.

This will be run between 3PM-8PM UK time (GMT).


With that out of the way…

Let’s get started. 🙂


Daily Anime News Recap #1:


‘Zombie Land Saga’ is Getting a Sequel

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

Zombieland Saga, the quirky yet popular “Idol” anime of 2018 is coming back for a sequel.

No date has been confirmed yet as to when this will happen, so it’s only an announcement at this point.


‘Re:Zero – Frozen Bonds’ to Debut this November

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

Re:Zero Hyouketsu no Kizuna (Re:Zero – Frozen Bonds) will air this coming November 2019.

It’s not a “true” sequel, but it’s more than enough to keep anime fans happy.


Makoto Shinkai’s Weathering With You Film Tops 4 Billion Yen in 11 Days

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

Since July 19th 2019, Weathering You’ has done 4 billion Yen in the last 11 days of opening up.

That’s about 100 million dollars (US).


Kyoto Animation Studio 1 Data “Fully Recoverable”, Japanese Government Considering Tax Breaks for Donations

Kyoto Animation Logo

Luckily not everything in the fire was destroyed, as proved and verified on Kyoto Animation’s behalf.

I’ll be surprised if “tax breaks” is denied considering the type of situation.


Kyoto Animation Issues Statement About July 18 Fire

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

After all the craziness over the past week with Kyoani’s situation, they’ve come out with a new statement and their “thanks” for the support.


Assassination Classroom’s Yusei Matsui Draws 1-Shot Kendō Romantic Comedy Manga

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

The author of Assassination Classroom is working on a new comedy, with new drawings.


The Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES!! OVA 3rd Volume “Fuji vs Kirihara” Hits Theaters November 15

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

Prince Of Tennis is a classic anime series in the sports genre, AND the anime industry in general.

This is another “comeback” OVA, the 3rd one to be exact, that will be aired in November 2019.


Chinese Studio Tencent Has Announced 47 New Animated Projects

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

Tencent, the Chinese anime studio has revealed a LARGE lineup of new anime to be released and worked on.

I’ve always said Chinese anime isn’t quite there yet with quality, but this could be the “moment” it needs.


Saekano Girls Talk You to Sleep on New CDs

Daily Anime News Recap #1 (July 29th 2019)

If you wanna get to sleep, Saekano plans on helping you achieve that with its cute anime girls voices.


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