Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

Today’s daily anime news is a mix of big, eventful, meaningful and interesting news. The type of news most anime fans want to hear and can appreciate.

Let’s get right to it.


Yoshiki Donates 10 Million Yen to Kyoto Animation

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

Kyoto Animation is receiving even more support, this time from a member of X Japan, Yoshiki.

With all this support coming to Kyoani’s aid, we can at least guarantee they’ll have a faster recovery than they probably anticipated.


Video Game Company NCSoft Develops Anime Transformation A.I.

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

Just as it sounds, this “transformation AI” will help speed up the process and shed the workload for animators and studios.

This was only bound to happen eventually, with the power of technology on the rise. And the anime industry being in need of innovation as well.

This is just the beginning.


Chihayafuru Anime Season 3 Reveals Video, Casts Maaya Sakamoto

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

A new promotional video has been released for the upcoming season of Chihaya Furu.

The anime will air in October this year, 2019.


Gintama Has a New Anime Film on the Way

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

Gintama is a long running parody/comedy series with a massive fan base.

Gintama fans can look forward to a new anime film on the way, with new images from an official tweet.


Cool Japan Fund Invests $30 Million in Sentai Filmworks

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

The Cool Japan Fund is designed to promote Japanese products overseas. With anime being one of their main focuses.

Recently they announced a $30 million investment for Sentai Filmworks with the intention to expand overseas. And take anime to the next level.

Specifically with copyright.


My Hero Academia Music Videos Celebrate Manga’s 5th Anniversary

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

My Hero Academia is celebrating its 5th anniversary for the Manga series. With the way the Manga AND anime is going, we can expect another 5 years strong from the successful franchise!


Fragtime Theatrical OVA Reveals Cast, Visual, November 22 Opening

Daily Anime News Recap (August 2nd 2019)

This anime will be opening up in November 2019. It’s an adaptation of the Manga series Sato’s Fragtime.


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