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The 19+ Cutest Anime Girls Of The Year (2021)

Kanna Kamui S2 Kawaii
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

anime have become a staple in the community. A sort of fascination and a thing of interest.

In a way it’s the anime world’s version of cat videos on YouTube. But it goes beyond that as each character has a personality beyond their cuteness.

This year has been filled with these types of characters from all kinds of shows and content.

Let’s focus on the cutest anime girls in 2021 in particular.

Genres include:

  • Fantasy.
  • Magic.
  • Action.
  • Mystery.
  • Slice of life.
  • Romance.

And others…


Cutest anime girls of the year (2021):


1. Noela (Drugstore In Another World)

Noela Drugstore In Another World wolf

Noela is the wolf girl from Drugstore In Another World. She’s an assistant to the shop owner Reiji.

In a way Noela is like the kid version of Holo The Wise Wolf, and definitely the cute version of that character.

With her daft behavior and cute humor, and all the other silliness she adds to this Isekai, the anime wouldn’t be the same without her and her mannerisms.


2. Titan (Takt Op. Destiny)

Titan Takt Op. Destiny cute smile

Titan is one one of the Musicarts in Takt Op. Destiny. And when she’s introduced she appears to be more cute than powerful or strong.

Turns out she’s much more powerful than her demeanor would have you believe.

She has her own flair and style as a Musicart, and is world’s apart from Cosette when Titan is first shown in action.

Her aim and accuracy is almost flawless in battle.

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3. Emilico (Shadows House)

Emilico Shadows House kawaii episode 1 e1639001443277

Emilico is the name given to a doll in Shadows House, a doll who’s one half of the anime’s duo protagonists.

She’s a stereotypical doll in the sense she’s blonde and pale. But there’s more to this aspect later down the line.

For all the falling over, messing up, and supposed airheaded tendencies Emilico has, she’s a lot sharper and smarter than she looks.

In fact most won’t be ready for how she smart she is when her time to shine comes.


4. Kanna Kamui (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S2)

Kanna Kamui Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid S2 school hat

Kanna Kamui is an obvious choice from 2021. She’s from an anime full of dragon girls and ladies.

Being one of the younger dragons, Kanna uses a human form akin to a kid. And that’s her role in the anime.

Through the eyes of Kanna you get to see unique adventures in the anime, like when she travels to New York. And some of the anime’s more wholesome episodes are because of Kanna’s involvement.


5. Momoka Kirishima (Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song)

Momoka Kirishima Vivy Fluorite Eyes Song cute

Momoka Kirishima is one of the early characters in this Sci-fi action series. She’s one of Diva’s biggest supporters.

She’s always cheering her on, encouraging her as a singer, and desperately wants her to succeed and keep a promise they made together.

Momoka’s one of the somewhat relevant characters who aren’t A.I (artificial intelligence). She’s a human girl with a lot of energy and optimism.


6. Futaba Igarashi (My Senpai Is Annoying)

Futaba Igarashi My Senpai Is Annoying cute

Futaba Igarashi is Autumn 2021’s cutest anime girl without a doubt. She’s only 4’2 inches tall, and is in her 20’s.

Working in the sales industry her size is the first thing people notice, but she has a level of maturity.

Her more childish side shows her interests in designs that are cute, especially food or products. And the kinds of clothes she wears when chilling at home.


7. Tisse Garland (Banished From The Hero’s Party)

Tisse Garland Banished From The Heros Party cute e1639001285921

Tisse Garland is the NEW recruit for Ruti’s team in Banished From The Hero’s PartyShe’s one of the smallest but most capable characters.

Choosing not to say much most of the time, it’s hard to figure out what she’s thinking. She’s a practical fighter and an observant person.


8. Yuria Niguredou (Mieruko-Chan)

Yuria Niguredou Mieruko Chan cute e1639001218446

Yuria Niguredou (or Yulia Chan) is the third character to show up in the Mieruko Chan series.

Yulia becomes more and more relevant as the episodes fly by, and her relevance meshes with Miko, the black haired main character.

She’s able to see ghosts and spirits, and unlike Miko, she’s fearless and has no sense of danger or caution. No matter how dangerous as a general rule.

Yulia’s tendency to misunderstand, exaggerate, and blow things out of proportion is part of the anime’s comedic moments.

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9. Red Blood Cell (Cells At Work S2)

Red Blood Cell Cells At Work S2 kawaii

Red Blood Cell is the main character of the show, along with White Blood Cell. She’s the reason for the anime’s comedy.

She’s a klutz by nature, but strong willed a creative portrayal of what red blood cells do inside the body.

The anime by itself is science education done right.

  • You learn about biology.
  • You learn about how cells work in your body.

And you learn this while being entertained to the max.

It’s simplified, scientifically accurate, with Shounen thrown on top to hype things up.


10. Irina Luminesk (Irina The Vampire Cosmonaut)

Irina Luminesk Irina The Vampire Cosmonaut cute moments

Irina as the anime name implies, is a vampire who’s to set out on a mission to space. She’s monitored by one guy who’s by her side from the start.

Irina is distrusting of humans for good reason, which the first episode of the series shows you why she feels this way.

Eventually Irina opens up a bit to her companion, and the relationship becomes a bit more wholesome and so does her facial expressions and chemistry.


11. Siesta (The Detective Is Already Dead)

Siesta The Detective Is Already Dead episode 9

Siesta is the white haired girl from The Detective Is Already Dead, an anime adapted from a manga.

She’s the chilled, stoic, and seemingly cold type of anime character the industry’s come to expect.

Kuudere basically.

Design wise despite not being one of the most aesthetic, she has cute aspects to her art style.

The anime had high expectations like The Promised Neverland, but statistically it didn’t hit expectations.


12. Renge (Non Non Biyori Non Stop)

Renge Non Non Biyori Non Stop cute handcuffs

Renge is the youngest in the Non Non Biyori series. She’s the only one in fact who’s younger than 10.

Living out in the countryside she likes to go on adventures with her friends, and in this season she meets a new friend that makes for some cute and wholesome moments.

Renge is that kid who’s eccentric, fun to be around, and has more intelligence than many adults are even ready for.


13. Yotsuba Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets)

Yotsuba Nakano Quintessential Quintuplets cute kawaii

Yotsuba is the orange haired character and one of the 5 quintuplets. She wears a hair accessory in the shape of a bunny.

Always smiling and being overly excited, Yotsuba is the type of person you just can’t stay angry with. Or even get too angry with in the first place.

She’s airheaded, gentle, soft. but with a surprisingly cunning side that’s easy to miss.


14. Laika (I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300+ Years)

Laika Ive Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years blush

Laika is like another version of Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. She’s a powerful dragon, one most wouldn’t even dare to mess with.

In this world though Laika meets her match with Isuzu, the main character. And then decides to serve and be by her side.

She becomes a household maid by choice, but her role goes beyond that.


15. Manager/Boss (The Great Jahy Will not Be Defeated!)

Boss The Great Jahy Will not Be Defeated episode 3 cute

The Manager or Boss in this anime happens to be the cutest anime character of the series (besides Jahy Sama in kid form).

For whatever reason her name hasn’t been revealed.

Similar to Yotsuba from Quintessential Quintuplets, Manager in The Great Jahy Will not Be Defeated is soft spoken, gentle, and kind to a fault.

This makes her trustworthy and easy to talk to, especially for those who need someone to share their problems with.

She’s a solid female role model in anime.


16. Sayu (Higehiro)

Sayu Higehiro uniform

Sayu from the Higehiro series is who the anime is basically based on. Everything revolves around her role fro statrt to finish.

The anime is a window into girls or teenagers who run away from home for their own personal reasons. With some of them ending up in strangers homes, sometimes at the cost of their body (sexual offers).

Higehiro paints this narrative well and tells the story even better. It’s a one of a kind anime.


17. Juscelino (Peach Boy Riverside)

Juscelino Peach Boy Riverside episode 3

Juscelino , or “God of Masks” is a Loli character who’s more dangerous and influential than she apppears to be.

Most of the time Juscelino is chipper, jolly, and likes to have fun like an ordinary kid would.

Even in situations where she could easily take a more savage approach, she chooses not to. But there is a darker, more sinister side to this character.


18. The Witch Of Greed Echidna (Re:Zero S2)

YouTube video

The Witch Of Greed Echidna makes an appearance in the 2nd season of Re:Zero.

Being the “tea” lady or witch who invites Subaru to a tea party, she ends up being more innocent and flustered than you’d expect from a witch.

Many of the anime’s memes come from this one character.

Unsurprisingly with these situations Echidna does show her more sinister, witch-like side even if for a couple of moments only.


19. Paula (Idaten Deities Know Only Peace)

Paula Idaten Deities Know Only Peace cute 1

Paula from Idaten Deities is one of the female characters who are Gods who are on a whole other level by design.

She’s stronger than she looks, and most demons wouldn’t think of challenging her alone or recklessly.

Her personality is of someone a bit childish, but also of someone who’s willing to learn, train, and push herself. Even if not as much as Hayato (the MC).

Who else would you ADD to this list?


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