Crystal Maidens: A Strategy Hentai Game With Beautiful Maidens (Review)

Crystal Maidens Hentai Game Review

Crystal Maidens, Un-Virgin Your Maidens.

  • Are you sick of the hentai games you’ve been playing?
  • Do you think the plot and genre of the game are similar?
  • Isn’t it true that the best games are those that cost money?

If that’s the case, this game is the solution.

Crystal Maidens is a Nutaku game that will bring you to a world filled with:

  • new games
  • new genres
  • unique plots
  • fascinating waifu

And, of course, never-before-seen sex scenes.

All for free.


This RTS game, also known as Real-Time Strategy, is a genre in which we must develop a strategy to win

Imagine you have a hazy memory of being blow jobbed by a beautiful purple-eyed girl with horns, until you finally orgasm and wake up on an island next to a girl who is half-revealing her breasts.

Then the girl tells you about the situations where all the maidens who are being controlled by an evil witch. And she asks for your help while giving you an amulet to summon another maiden to help you out.


She also says that you are the only one who can help!

nuka crystal maidens nutaku

Not a pleasant thought, but this game allows you to envision it all in such complexity that you will undoubtedly become immersed in the mood.

This is a significant responsibility, so the rewards we receive must be comparable with the burden of our responsibilities, right?

Nuka is the name of the girl who entrusted you with such a great burden, therefore she is the first to repay us for our efforts by f*cking her after the first task is completed.

After the first sex scene, you’ll be treated to further seductive scenes with a variety of different maidens that will definitely get you horny.

crystal maidens nutaku startegy game

There are so many things we can do in this game, starting with:

  • Finishing a very intriguing plot.
  • Fighting with the maiden maidens you’ve acquired.
  • Establishing our own harem island.

And, obviously, enjoying all of the incredibly spectacular sex scenes.

Equipped with unique skills on each maiden will make it easier for you to complete a stage. You must arrange the location of your maidens to accomplish the goal in each level.

The higher the level, the more difficult it is, which is why we must improve our maidens to see their nude bodies, i.e. make them stronger.

crystal maidens nutaku sexy girls

Crystal maidens offer all conveniences for its players. Starting from:

  • Daily login with attractive prizes every day.
  • Daily quests that speed up the process to upgrade your maidens.

And event quests and gacha system to get rare items to strengthen your maidens.

You can also fight other players in the arena to improve your ranking.

There is also a function to fight bosses that allows you to obtain great goods faster and more frequently.


If you are a fan of 3D hentai style, this game is the best recommendation for you

crystal maidens nutaku joy the dragonish

Stunning, exciting pictures and animated sex scenes in each girl will certainly make you feel at home in this game.

Plus the number of girls that can be obtained is very large and will continue to grow in more than you can imagine.

I’ve never played a 3D hentai game with as many girls as Crystal Maidens before, especially since this hentai game will really make you want to masturbate.

Moreover, the background music of this game is very good, describing the atmosphere where we have to fight in a fantasy world.

crystal maidens nutaku

Aside from that, this game is available on both PC and mobile devices, allowing us to play it anywhere and at any time.

Even though this game is free, Nutaku provides in-game purchases to help us improve the maidens, starting with filling rubies with Nutaku money to be swapped for stamina or other items.

Furthermore, you can purchase unique packs to obtain uncommon maidens. After trading Nutaku coins into this game, you will also receive special bonuses.

The features offered by this game will not disappoint anyone; try it out for yourself and see. The maidens are eagerly awaiting your arrival.


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