How Crunchyroll Has Grown Since 2006 to 2019 (According To Google Trends)

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Crunchyrolla news partner for Anime Motivation, started out back in 2006 as a pirate streaming site. Similar to what you know today as KissAnime.

But within 2 years that all changed after $4 million was invested into Crunchyroll, by Venrock.

Over 12+ years later and Crunchyroll is now the BIGGEST anime streaming service on the planet (legal).

Not even Funimation is on the level Crunchyroll is, despite being a big player in the anime industry.

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Crunchyroll‘s growth online

There’s a lot of ways to measure growth. But that’s been reported by other sites already.

So I’ll share what Crunchyroll‘s growth looks like, according to how many people search for Crunchyroll online with Google.

A search engine that deals with billions of searches, everyday.

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1. Crunchyroll‘s growth in the USA (since 2006)

crunchyroll growth USA

As you can tell – since around 2009 it’s been steadily growing in popularity. With 2013 being the year it took a big leap in growth.

This was during the time a stake was bought out by AT&T.

And when Attack On Titan’s Manga was added to Crunchyroll‘s collection.


2. Crunchyroll‘s growth in the UK (since 2006)

crunchyroll uk growth

In this graph – Crunchyroll had a massive spike in 2008 in the UK. And then similar to the USA trend graph – it’s been steadily growing, with 2013 being the major point in growth.


3. Crunchyroll‘s growth worldwide (international)

crunchyroll growth worldwide

Crunchyroll‘s growth worldwide looks similar. With 2013 being a major point in change for obvious reasons.

But as you can see from 2018-2019, the trend graph has spiked like crazy when compared globally.


4. Crunchyroll‘s growth via YouTube USA (since 2008)

crunchyroll growth youtube USA

When you compare the graph for YouTube vs Google search, the trends are worlds apart.

In the case of YouTube, Crunchyroll‘s growth happened around December 2014. With 2016 being the major year for it’s continued rise in popularity.

In the USA, of course.


5. Crunchyroll‘s growth via YouTube for the UK (since 2008)

crunchyroll growth youtube UK

When compared to the UK audience via YouTube, the USA’s trend graph is clearly more stable.

I can think of obvious reasons for this.

Crunchyroll‘s presence in the UK is weaker than the USA. And there aren’t many shows available to begin with (in comparison).

So as far as searches go, I can’t imagine too many people being interested in finding Crunchyroll on YouTube.

That’s probably an idea of why the growth has “only” started going up since 2018 for UK fans.


6. Crunchyroll‘s growth worldwide via YouTube (since 2008)crunchyroll growth youtube worldwide since 2008

Unsurprisingly – when you look at the worldwide graph across dozens of countries, Crunchyroll‘s growth is more stable.

Even on YouTube (a platform where they don’t stand to benefit too much).

Similar to the Google search graph, since 2018 there’s been a massive spike for YouTube searches, centered around Crunchyroll.


Facts gathered by Google Trends for Crunchyroll:

  • Crunchyroll‘s major spike was in 2013. The same year they added Manga like Attack on Titan to their catalogue.
  • 2013 is also the year AT&T took an interest in Crunchyroll.
  • 2008-2010 was the “beginning” of Crunchyroll‘s rise to popularity.
  • This isn’t surprising seeing as this is during the time they received millions in investment money.
  • YouTube has been “slow” for Crunchyroll searches. Which isn’t too surprising.


How to use this data

This data is only based on Google’s hive of info online. And even though Google is a big deal and usually the first site people turn to, it’s not the full picture.

So use this data to start a discussion, make your own predictions, and use as an online reference (there’s nothing like it).


Source: Crunchyroll – Google Trends


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