It’s Confirmed: AT&T Is Selling Crunchyroll To Sony VERY SOON, Likely By New Year

It’s Confirmed At&t Is Selling Crunchyroll To Sony
Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime Motivation, reached out this morning to share the news.

They’ve confirmed on their side that AT&T will indeed be selling Crunchyroll to Sony. And at some point in future, they’ll take over certain operations.

I’m expecting this to happen sometime in the new year 2021. Doubt it’ll be wrapped up by December 100%.


3M+ subscribers, 90M+ registered users

crunchyroll being sold to sony

With Crunchyroll‘s massive 90m+ registered users and 3M+ paying subscribers, there’s a lot of potential for Sony to play with.

Whether Sony does the right thing and helps Crunchyroll grow and ultimately, anime, is yet to be seen.

Some fans believe they might ruin things with unecessary censorship, the same kind seen in some of their games.

Others are more optimistic though about the future of anime, Sony, and of course – a Japanese company having control over anime online via Crunchyroll‘s purchase.

Let’s wait and see. That’s all you can do.

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