Crunchyroll Now Has Over 1000+ Anime Titles With 30,000+ Episodes

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Crunchyroll is the biggest anime streaming platform in the west, with over 5 million paying subscribers.

The last time I spoke on Crunchyroll they had maybe 900+ anime shows to their name.

Now that number has jumped to 1000+ with 35,000+ episodes to go with it.


To go with that success – there’s Crunchyroll originals, anime produced by Crunchyroll whether they’re adapted from source material, or completely made from scratch.

One of the latest anime shows from Crunchyroll (upcoming) is Tower Of God.

YouTube video

Tower Of God is a Korean webtoon series that’s respected by a core fanbase. The trailer looks absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t think anyone will deny that after watching it.

In 2020 an anime for Tower Of God is set to air on the Crunchyroll platform.


Other Crunchyroll original anime titles:

  • “In/Spectre.
  • Tower of God.
  • Onyx Equinox.
  • The God of High School.
  • Noblesse.
  • Meiji Gekken: Sword & Gun (Working title).
  • FreakAngels.
  • High Guardian Spice.

YouTube video

Almost ALL the titles have got fans hyped up.


High Guardian Spice is the most controversial show on their list (let’s not sugarcoat it).

The moment it dropped in January 2019 there was backlash because of the agenda driven nature of the videos published. Videos that didn’t focus much on the story, but a narrative.

And because the comments were turned off on their channel.

This comes directly from comments in the anime community itself.

YouTube video


You already know how I feel about political agendas

I don’t know what’s happened SINCE it was announced, but it’s the one anime on Crunchyroll‘s original list that people are publicly sceptical about.

Especially because some of the writers associated with High Guardian Spice.

Of course not everyone see’s it that way, there are a few on the other side of the fence.

Let’s see what happens and how things turn out.



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