World’s End Harem Is The Most Popular In These 25 Countries!

Worlds End Harem Is The Most Popular In These 25 Countries
Written by Theo J Ellis

World’s End Harem is still airing, and of course – still causing controversy in the anime community.

Being an anime about men impregnating women, it’s only natural. It’s not exactly subtle about its so called controversial ideas.

But that aside… What about the numbers? How many fans around the world enjoy or are watching this anime? And where?

This is what’ll be covered in this post, statistically with relevant data.

shuumatsu no harem anime google trends data

Let’s get to it.


Top 25 Regions by Popularity (World’s End Harem):


1. Bolivia

Bolivia flag


2. Indonesia

indonesia flag medium


3. Cuba

cuba logo e1644941676771


4. Peru


5. Laos

laos logo


6. Malaysia

1920px Flag of Malaysia.svg


7. Ecuador

ecuador flag

8. El Salvador

el salvador flags


9. Panama

panama flag


10. Guatemala

guatemala flag


11. Honduras

honduras flag


12. Thailand



13. Chile

chile flags


14. Mexico



15. Oman

oman logo


16. Paraguay

paraguay flag


17. Costa Rica

costa rica flag


18. Venezuala

Venezuela flag


19. Colombia

Flag of Colombia


20. Philippines

Philippines Flag Country

21. Dominican Republic

dominican republic flag


22. Brazil

flag of brazil


23. Argentina

flag of argentina


24. Iraq

iraq logo


25. Nepal

nepal logo e1644942148823

worlds end harem google trends data map


Did your country make it to the list of top 25? Either way, share your country in the comments.

Source: Google Trends


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