Top 25 Countries Who Use Anime Pirate Sites The Most

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It’s no secret. Anime pirate sites are used a LOT. In the multi-millions in fact.

Many fans use anime pirate sites unapologetically, because of how bad services (like Crunchyroll) tend to be.

So many people have pirated in the anime community since then, that KissAnime once had well over 100 million visitors in a single month.

kissanime traffic

And when KissAnime shut down, 9Anime and Gogoanime took their place as the anime pirate kings.

That leads to this post.

What countries is anime piracy more popular in?

That’s gonna be the breakdown of this post, with data taken from places like Google.

There are no other reliable sources after all.

9anime kissanime gogoanime comparison google trends

kissanime 9anime gogoanime

9Anime, Gogoanime, and Kissanime were used for this statistical breakdown.

With all that said, let’s focus on let’s get into countries who use anime pirate sites the most (worldwide).

This list might surprise you a lot.


25 countries where anime piracy is popular:


1. Kenya

kenya flag


2. Jamaica

Flag of Jamaica


3. South Africa

south africa flag


4. Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad And Tobago Logo


5. Bangladesh

Bangladesh flag


6. Slovenia

slovenia flag


7. United Kingdom

united kingdom flag


8. United States

Flag of the United States


9. Portugal 

portugal flag medium


10. Egypt

Egypt Logo


11. United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates flag


12. Norway

norway flag


13. Denmark

denmark flag


14. Nepal

Nepal Logo


15. Lithuania

lithuania flag


16. Qatar

qatar flag


17. Greece

greece flag


18. Kuwait



19. Sweden



20. Slovakia

slovakia logo


21. Ireland

Ireland Logo Country


22. Morocco

morocco flag


23. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


24. Algeria

algeria logo


25. Romania

romania logo


Honourable Mentions:

  • Canada (26)
  • Belgium (27)
  • Mexico (28)
  • Albania (29)
  • Pakistan (30)

google trends map kissanime gogoanime 9anime piracy stats

You’ll notice from this list that many countries are those with:

  • Censorship.
  • Lack of access to anime or streaming.
  • Or countries where anime licensors don’t operate if at all.

So it’s unsurprising that Pakistan for example, or even Jamaica is on this list for anime piracy usage/popularity.

Did your country make it to the top 25 for anime piracy usage or searches? Or maybe the honourable mentions from 26-30?


Source: Google Trends


The Pros And Cons Of Anime Piracy

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