Chinese Anime Site Bilibili Is A Victim To Cancel Culture, But Is It Justified?

Chinese Anime Site Bilibili Is A Victim To Cancel Culture But Is It Justified 1

I already covered the news 2 days ago before so called mainstream sites picked it up. So you already know what went down.

If not, basically Mushoku Tensei was banned from Bilibli for “lacking morals”. But anime fans in China felt Bilibili’s stance and apology wasn’t enough.

They felt it wasn’t genuine and cancel culture has started to fall into place.

The statement was:

“Respect is the cornerstone of the community and the basic guiding principle for operating Bilibili. This includes respect for users, content creators, different genders, various interest groups, cultural circles.” – Bilibili

That conversation is still ongoing, and things are only getting worse for Bilibili. A streaming site in China that went from being an anime pirate to a legitimate business.


Domestic Boycott

south china post bilibili anime boycott

As shared by South China Morning Post:

  • Bilibili has removed Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation after a backlash over ‘soft porno’ content said to be insulting to women
  • After the company banned a popular user critical of the show, several domestic brands pulled their advertising from the video streaming platform

Of course we know this pretty much, but what’s interesting is how it’s being treated.

I mean, in the anime industry there’s:

  • Normal anime
  • Fan service
  • Ecchi
  • And then Hentai

And yet Mushoku Tensei is being accused of having “soft” porno. Which in itself is a radical and exaggerated statement.

None the less, people are pissed. And have completely lost it in terms of rationality or logic.


Mushoku Tensei deemed sexist and pedophilic

South China Morning Post:

“After Bilibili started airing Mushoku Tensei last month, some users complained that the show featured “paedophilia” and “soft porno” that was insulting to women.”

I’m not sure about the anime, but I heard the light novel mentions the MC being into CP. Which is f*cked up. So I’m with them on that point.

As for the anime, the MC is clearly a bit perverted, but it’s not unusual giving the anime amount of similar anime out there.

But the question remains:


Does streaming Mushoku Tensei justify cancel culture?

mushoku tensei rudeus and father e1613048277459

I’m genuinely curious.

I feel like cancel culture was designed for things that deserve justice, but these days it’s toxic, serves no real purpose, and tends to be wimpy teenagers with a mob mentality and big balls on the internet.

Or the type of people pretend to be “woke” and righteous.

China seems to be the only place where these accusations and extreme outrage is taken place for Mushoku Tensei.

For what it’s worth…


Source: SCMP


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