Chinese Anime Streaming Site Bilibili Releases FREE Exclusive Anime On YouTube (Subbed)

Bilibili Chinese Anime Site
Written by Theo J Ellis

Bilibili is basically the “KissAnime” of China. Or at least they used to be.

In 2020 they went from anime pirate to a legit legal business. And they’re serious about it, too.

Chinese Streaming Site Bilibili Goes From Anime Pirate To Legit Business


In a move that’s similar to AnimeLog in Japan, Bilibili is releasing FREE anime shows on their YouTube channel.

What’s interesting is all their exclusive Chinese anime are available worldwide.


Worldwide availability?

YouTube video

Here in the UK I’m able to watch all their anime on YouTube, despite it being exclusively Chinese.

Each anime show is subbed as well for global viewers.

I’m sure there’s a country or 2 that can’t view it, but for the most part it seems a lot of countries can tune in. Unlike the Japanese service AnimeLog.

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YouTube video

Their latest anime, premiering right now, is also available to watch in real time.

There’s less than 100 people watching at this moment.


267+ Chinese TV shows and counting

Bilibili has been releasing tons of anime on a daily and weekly basis for the past month.

Their first video was 1 month ago or barely older.

I’m not sure how long these anime will be available worldwide, or if that’s their strategy to begin with, but it’s a smart strategy if that’s the case.

It’s a gateway into Chinese anime and with a worldwide audience NOT being restricted, it makes it accessible. And sparks potential interest from fans of traditional anime.

Whether you consider this “real anime” is up to you, but there’s no denying Biliili’s effort.

Let’s see how things progress from here and whether it catches on or not.


News source: Anime Motivation’s fans on Facebook.



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