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Category Archives: Recommended

Recommended Anime shows and content that will inspire, motivate, make you think, or entertain!

Plus how-to anime guides and resources you’ll love.

The Best Anime Figure Collections That Will Impress You

What are your reasons for collecting Anime action figures, Nendoroid‘s or PVC Statues? For some collectors It’s[...]

The 10 Most Educational Lessons You Can Learn By Watching Anime

Anime is just for kids, right? That’s what the average person who refuses to watch[...]

Some Of The Most Overused Anime Cliches We Have To Deal With

Anime Cliches are too cliche sometimes. That’s not to say every single Anime is jam-packed[...]

What Anime Should I Watch? Here Are 17 Recommendations

There are at least 10,000+ Anime shows in all kinds of categories and topics. So[...]

Top 15 Anime Manufacturers Who Sell Figures and Merchandise

If you’re just starting out as an Anime collector, you won’t be familiar with this[...]

Why Anime Is Not Popular In The UK Compared To USA & Japan

Anime is invisible like one of those cloaks the Predator wears in the film. The[...]

Is Anime Merchandise Really Expensive?

Many Anime fans across the world believe expensive. Overpriced. And in some cases believe they’re[...]

Top 20 Cities In The UK Who Love Anime More Than Anybody Else

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Top 19 Cities In The World Who Love Anime The Most (According To Google)

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10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

We all know of the typical Anime shows like: Dragon Ball Z. Fairy Tail. Naruto.[...]

6 Pokemon Life Lessons That Are Full Of Wisdom

The Pokemon series first started in 1996 With the release of Pokemon red and many other[...]

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Official Anime Merchandise Online

Anime merchandise comes with lots of choices and product types. Let’s break them down for[...]

24+ Of The Greatest Anime Boys Who Are Introverts

When you watch an Anime it’s always good to find a character you can relate[...]

28+ Of The Most Relevant Anime Girls Who Are Introverts

Some of the best and most popular Anime characters are introverts. Like myself. And just[...]

Top 25 Countries Who Love Anime The Most, According To Google Trends

Over here in England, you’d assume Anime is most popular in Japan. And that statement[...]

19+ Interesting Differences Between Anime And Real Life

Anime is exactly that. Animated. So everything in real life is exaggerated or expressed in[...]

21+ Hard Working Anime Characters You Can Learn From!

Some Anime girls are smart, witty and intelligent. Other anime girls are pretty, cute, talented,[...]

20+ Inspirational Anime Songs To Start Off Your Day

Whoever said inspiration only comes from listening to Beyonce, or the average famous singer is[...]

5 Dragon Ball Z Life Lessons You Can Benefit From

You love Dragon Ball Z. You know the characters. You know the storyline, and you[...]

19+ Thought Provoking Anime Shows You Need To Watch

There are over 10,000+ Anime shows in the world, as shown by the website –[...]