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Category Archives: Recommended

Recommended Anime shows and content that will inspire, motivate, make you think, or entertain!

Plus how-to anime guides and resources you’ll love.

How To Become An Anime Fan (The Simple Guide)

What does it means to be an anime fan these days? Just like every other[...]

If Brand New Anime Shows Did THIS, They’d Turn Out So Much Better

Historically, there’s always a debate around which era of entertainment is better than the other.[...]

A Fan Letter To Makoto Shinkai

Dear  Makoto Shinkai, My name is Nikhil Kushram, and I am from India. I have[...]

The Most Delicious “Anime Food” You Should Try As A Fan Of Anime

The food in the anime world always looks more appealing than real food. We all[...]

The Most POPULAR Anime Girls Of All Time Voted By Anime Fans (According To MyAnimeList)

In the anime community there’s an ongoing debate that never stops. And it’s this: who is[...]

The Most COMMON Shounen Cliches You’ll Ever See In Anime

Shounen anime cliches are timeless. Because even though they can get: Irritating sometimes. Annoying. Overused. Exaggerated.[...]

POPULAR Anime Phrases You’ll Always Hear In “Most” Anime Series

There are always frequent and relevant phrases, sayings, and words in anime. Especially when they’re[...]

The Surprising Similarities Between Hip Hop And The Anime Industry (2019)

Who knew anime and hip hop could be so similar? On the surface this doesn’t[...]

How Many Anime Should I WATCH Everyday? (Here’s What You Need To Do)

How many anime shows does it take to become an Otaku? These are legitimate questions[...]

The Greatest Anime Dub Actors Who VOICE Your Favorite Characters

Anime dub actors and actresses… I feel they deserve so much more respect than they’re[...]

32 Brown Haired Anime Characters You Absolutely MUST See

Brown hair, like black, is one of the more subtle hair colors in anime. it’s[...]

18 Of The Greatest Anime Characters With Orange Hair

Orange hair in anime has to be the strangest out of the color palette. There[...]

The COMMON Traits Of Anime Fans Who Claim You Have “Bad Taste”

I see this SO often I thought I might as well talk about it. Especially since it’s[...]

Anime Motivation + Crunchyroll Partner Up For “The Rising Of Shield Hero” Giveaways!

NOTE: This competition is now closed from 26/06/2019.  Winners will be announced soon   Featured image[...]

19 Of The BEST Loli Anime Characters That Will Peak Your Curiosity

Loli literally means “little girl” but don’t get it twisted: it has NOTHING to do[...]

32+ GREAT Blonde Haired Anime Characters That Will Make You Curious

Blonde hair in anime is a color that represents ALL kinds of personalities and traits.[...]

Here Are Some Of The Ugliest Anime Characters You’ll Ever See!

I’ve already covered beautiful anime characters before. That kind of thing is expected in the[...]

This Is Why Sword Art Online Gets So Much Hate (And Why It’s Exaggerated)

No matter where you go on the internet, there’s someone talking sh*t about SAO. Claiming[...]

15 Lone Wolf Anime Characters With The Best Personalities

Lone Wolf’s are the most independent anime characters you’ll come across. Because they don’t need[...]

This Is Why Mecha Anime Is Hated (And Why It’s Not A Great Genre)

Mecha is one of the oldest anime genres around. And the fact is – if it[...]

5 Dark Life Lessons You Can Learn From Death Note

Death Note is an ugly series. When you peel it back like a banana, there’s[...]

15 Of The Most Silent Anime Characters Who Enjoy Their Own Company

When you’re too silent and introverted, some people take that as a sign of disrespect.[...]

12 Of Greatest Anime Teachers You’ll Ever Meet

Anime teachers fit into a few categories: Funny Smart Hot Silly Relevant In certain anime[...]

These 17 Anime Characters Are So Lonely It’s Kind Of Depressing

Loneliness and being alone are 2 different things. People don’t realize it. Being alone is[...]