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Category Archives: Recommended

Recommended Anime shows and content that will inspire, motivate, make you think, or entertain!

Plus how-to anime guides and resources you’ll love.

9 Anime Characters Like Erza Scarlet You Need To Know About!

Erza Scarlet is an “if you can’t take the heat, get the F out of[...]

The DISTURBING Truth Behind Why Anime Characters Don’t Look Japanese

The argument of whether anime characters LOOK white or Japanese has been going on forever[...]

I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan)

I still remember the first time I watched Beyond the boundary. When Akihito was trying[...]

This Is Why Anime Characters Are So SKINNY With Perfect Bodies

The thing with entertainment and TV is – there’s always certain biases, and stereotypes that[...]

9 Anime Characters Who Are Surprisingly Similar To Edward Elric (FMA)

Edward Elric is a famous anime world. Known for his quick tempter, being short, and[...]

21+ Funny Things Unique To Anime That Only FANS Will Understand

Every community on earth has something that only the insiders will understand. And everyone outside of the[...]

The Rise And Fall Of Vig Mignogna, And How It All Began (The FULL Story So Far)

Since the beginning of 2019 I started to hear more about Vic Mignogna. Of course[...]

Funimation Audio Leaks, And The HYPOCRISY Of News Sites Staying Silent

Today’s September 10th 2019. News isn’t the usual topic covered on Anime Motivation, unless it’s news[...]

7 Of The Biggest Reasons People Don’t Like Anime (Or Give It A Chance)

There aren’t too many people who OPENLY admit they’re a fan of anime. It seems[...]

Here Are The Most POPULAR Anime & Manga In Russia (According To Google)

As you know if you’re a fan of Anime Motivation, “anime sites. There aren’t a[...]

7 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Watch Anime

It’s always the “norm” to tell people why they SHOULD do something. But in the[...]

Is Watching Too Much Anime A Bad Thing? Well, It Depends On THIS…

I’ve never seen a day go by where there isn’t some criticism, HATE and straight-up[...]

Subaru Natsuki Character Analysis: THIS Is Why He’s A Top Tier Protagonist

Subaru Natsuki is a character worth analysing for more reasons than one. But we’ll focus[...]

Why The Hate Towards Emilia From Re:Zero Is Exaggerated (And How Rem Fans Are TOXIC)

The toxic hatred towards Emilia from Re:Zero reminds me of the hate towards Sword Art Online. In the case[...]

Top 30 Countries In The World Who LOVE Hentai The Most

Some anime fans are interested in this topic, as well as some of my followers.[...]

A List Of 30 Psychological Anime You NEED to Consider

There’s nothing like watching a good psychological anime. Psychological anime tends to explore the human[...]

The BEST Life Advice You Can Learn From 53 Anime Characters!

This post was inspired by AAA State of Play. The funny thing about anime is[...]

The History of Anime in India, And How Its Changed Overtime

It’s important that we trace back the history of anime in India to understand its[...]

21+ Anime Shows That Can Motivate You To Live Better (According To Reddit)

In the anime industry you have: Anime that will make you laugh. Anime that will[...]

The BEST List Of Rappers Who Like Anime, Know About It (Or Grew Up Watching It)

There might NOT be an enormous list of rappers who like anime. Maybe that’s because[...]

The Coolest Sword Art Online Wallpapers That Will Blow You Away

Sword Art Online is a worldwide success for a reason: millions of anime fans LOVE it. Despite[...]

Crunchyroll + Anime Motivation Competition Update (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

The competition has now come to an end. It seems a LOT of you were interested[...]

You’ll LOVE These Top 30 Country Flags Drawn As Anime Characters

Anime character designers are able to draw anything they put their mind to. And they’ve[...]

Anime Pirate Sites, And WHY They Continue To Thrive In The Anime Community

I don’t wanna support anime pirate sites. In fact – I don’t wanna pirate anime[...]