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9 Of The Most Powerful Anime Characters Who Can Easily Defeat Superman

Superman is a powerful character from the DC universe. A famous superhero known all over[...]


The Biggest Anime Fans In America Are In These Top 30 States, Says Google Trends

America is one of the top countries in the world where shows like DBZ and[...]

25 Of The Absolute Best Anime Girls With White Hair

White haired anime girls are easily one of the rarest of their kind. Think about[...]


Is Anime A Bad Influence? Only If You Believe These 4 Lies That People Tell

The problem with the argument people have about Anime is – it’s all speculation. None[...]


These 36 Purple Haired Anime Girls Are Some Of The Coolest Ever Seen

Anime girls with purple hair are some of the most interesting out of all the[...]


34 Of The Most Interesting Blue Haired Anime Girls Ever Created

There’s something special about anime girls with blue hair. Probably because: It’s an unusual hair[...]


11 Scary Anime Characters Even The Grim Reaper Would Be Afraid To Meet

Non-Anime fans believe characters are cute like this: They’re not wrong. Many anime characters ARE[...]


Let’s Celebrate Goku Day (May 9th) By Talking About Goku’s History And Rise To Fame

Back in 2015, the Japanese Anniversary Association officially made May 9th “Goku” day. The first[...]

The Best Nendoroid Photography Pictures That Are Irresistibly Cute

You’d be lying if you said cute. Just look for yourself. They have the words[...]

The Best Anime Figure Collections That Will Impress You

What are your reasons for collecting Anime action figures, Nendoroid‘s or PVC Statues? For some collectors It’s[...]

The 10 Most Educational Lessons You Can Learn By Watching Anime

Anime is just for kids, right? That’s what the average person who refuses to watch[...]


Some Of The Most Overused Anime Cliches We Have To Deal With

Anime Cliches are too cliche sometimes. That’s not to say every single Anime is jam-packed[...]


Should Anime Be Considered Art? We’ll Let You Decide After Seeing This….

Why is it that some people don’t consider Anime art?  Depending on who you ask[...]


What Anime Should I Watch? Here Are 17 Recommendations

There are at least 10,000+ Anime shows in all kinds of categories and topics. So[...]


Top 15 Anime Manufacturers Who Sell Figures and Merchandise

If you’re just starting out as an Anime collector, you won’t be familiar with this[...]

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Why Anime Is Not Popular In The UK Compared To USA & Japan

Anime is invisible like one of those cloaks the Predator wears in the film. The[...]


Is Anime Merchandise Really Expensive?

Many Anime fans across the world believe expensive. Overpriced. And in some cases believe they’re[...]

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10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

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6 Pokemon Life Lessons That Are Full Of Wisdom

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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Official Anime Merchandise Online

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Will Virtual Reality Like In Sword Art Online Ever Be Possible?

Sword Art Online. is an Anime show way ahead of its time. It’s hard to[...]


14+ Interesting Anime Boys Who Are Introverts

When you watch an Anime it’s always good to find a character you can relate[...]

5 Positive Life Lessons From Yuuki Konno To Be Inspired By

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18+ Interesting Anime Girls Who Are Introverts

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Top 25 Countries Who Love Anime The Most, According To Google Trends

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14 Interesting Differences Between Anime And Real Life

Anime is exactly that. Animated. So everything in real life is exaggerated or expressed in[...]


21+ Hard Working Anime Characters You Can Learn From!

Some Anime girls are smart, witty and intelligent. Other anime girls are pretty, cute, talented,[...]

10 Inspirational Anime Songs To Start Off Your Day

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5 Dragon Ball Z Life Lessons You Can Benefit From

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15+ Thought Provoking Anime Shows You Need To Watch

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