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Category Archives: Recommended

Recommended Anime shows and content that will inspire, motivate, make you think, or entertain!

Plus how-to anime guides and resources you’ll love.

Censorship Of Anime Hentai Could Be REMOVED Completely In The Future

As we all know in the anime industry – Hentai is the sub version which is[...]

Nintendo Is Working On An Anime For The Legend Of Zelda?

Nintendo and Netflix are working on an anime version of “The Legend Of Zelda”. This is[...]

Anime Double Standards: How Men And Women Are Treated Differently

Anime double standards have always existed because double standards in real life is legit. In[...]

Why The United Nations “Fight” To Ban Anime Doesn’t Make Any Sense

The United Nations have been trying to ban anime for some years now. Especially since[...]

This Is Why Japanese Animators Are Underpaid (And Overworked)

If you’re deep into the anime industry and care about what’s happening, you know animators are underpaid.[...]

The Most Controversial Anime Shows That Caused “Public Outrage”

Anime controversy is usually a load of bollocks on the internet. None of it is[...]

RWBY’s Toxic Fandom, And The Suicide Controversy (Let’s Clear Some Things Up)

Anime Motivation is based in the UK, so it’s around 9:50AM as I’m writing this. When[...]

Girl Commits Suicide After Being Bullied By RWBY Fanbase (Sad News)

I don’t usually talk about stuff like this. Mostly because it’s not common in the anime community[...]

Top 35+ Beautiful Anime Girls With BAD Personalities (Rated by Japan)

The Japanese website: Ranking Go JP  decided to do a poll for beautiful anime girls with[...]

Is Anime FINALLY Being Accepted In The UK’s Mainstream Media?

I grew up in the 1990’s. It wasn’t until around 1996-1998 (I think) that I[...]

43+ Of The CUTEST Anime Pout Faces That Will Make Your Day

anime pout faces is enough a smile on any fans face. No matter how bad (or[...]

27+ Of The Greatest Anime Girls With Long Hair

anime that doesn’t show some variation of it. This is more true in the romance,[...]

This Is What Makes Kyoto Animation DIFFERENT To Other Anime Studios!

Kyoto Animation has gone through HELL and back in the last few months. And yet[...]

10 Of The Absolute BEST Deku Cosplays From My Hero Academia!

The artists you’re about to meet are the best in cosplay. “Cosplay” is the abbreviated[...]

This Is Why Anime Fans LOVE Nezuko From Demon Slayer!

Nezuko is the talk of the anime community in recent months. And it doesn’t seem[...]

Looking For Anime Girls With Short Hair? Here Are 27+ Of The BEST!

A lot of the time in anime AND in real life, girls with shorter hair[...]

Kyoto Animation Will Use $10.1 Million Dollar Donations To Help Victims Of Arson Attack

We all know of the horrific incident that followed Kyoto Animation back in July 2019.[...]

The Emerging Problem With Anime Censorship, And What Could Happen In Future

Anime censorship is the reason I’m fine with the industry NOT expanding on an international[...]

Demon Slayer Is One Of The Most HYPED Anime, But Is It Worth It? (Review)

Demon slayer is one of the most stunning anime I’ve known this year. You can[...]

The Problem With Anime Sexism NOBODY Wants To Admit

As usual, the proud social justice warriors of the west won’t rest with their critical[...]

The Problem With Anime Feminists In The West (And The Hidden Agenda)

Because these feminists (who love to play victim) get away with “cancelling” TV shows, films[...]

The Dark Side Of The Anime Industry, And WHAT The Future May Hold

Anime Motivation isn’t always about what’s positive and cheerful. Sometimes it’s about what’s dark, cloudy[...]

The Best Female Anime Protagonists Who Are Strong, Smart And Capable

Female anime protagonists are secondary in anime shows. NOT because of so-called sexism, but the[...]

A List Of The WORST Anime Fanbases (And Fandoms) Of All Time

There’s one thing about the anime community that makes it so toxic: fanbases and fandoms.[...]