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KissAnime Officially Taken Down FOREVER By Copyright Holders!

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Uzaki Chan Haters, And How This Anime Girl Is STILL Causing Controversy

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out. This anime was controversial from the beginning. Well, what I[...]

The Non Stop Racism Against Black Anime Cosplayers, And “Influencers” Staying Quiet As Usual

Black anime cosplayers more than any other group are targeted almost daily. For nothing but[...]

A Stellar List Of 13+ Anime Shows By J.C Staff!

J.C Staff is a solid anime studio with years, decades of experience behind it. Even[...]

21 Popular (And Unpopular) Male Anime Characters With Short Hair

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Anime Copyright Law, And How To Stay On The “Safe” Side As A Digital Publisher

I don’t talk about it much, if at all. But I have anime fans and[...]

Japanese “Fat Shaming” Manga Stirs Controversy, Causing 1000’s To Sign Online Petition

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KissAnime, 9Anime, & 35 Anime Pirate Sites To Be BLOCKED By Disney In India!

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30+ Of The Best Anime Scenes That Are Unforgettable

The best anime scenes is debatable because there’s TONS to choose from. Either way, anime is[...]

How I Feel About Makoto Shinkai’s Anime Movies (Good, Bad, Ugly)

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These 17+ Anime Shows Need Another Season ASAP!

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The God Of High School Director Answers 20 Questions On Anime Motivation!

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Australian Politicians Claim Sword Art Online Is “Kiddie Porn Manga”, Along With Goblin Slayer & No Game No Life

Australia has been on anime and manga‘s neck since 2020. The first incident was back in[...]

19+ SMART Anime Characters You Should Get To Know!

Smart anime characters MAKE anime shows great rather than worse. But only if they’re written[...]

The Hidden Gem Of Gakkou Gurashi, One Of The Best Horror Anime

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