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Category Archives: Recommended

Recommended Anime shows and content that will inspire, motivate, make you think, or entertain!

Plus how-to anime guides and resources you’ll love.

15+ Of The Greatest Yandere Anime Characters Fans Shouldn’t Miss

Yandere’s, unlike Tsundere’s, have a higher chance of being in a relationship with the person[...]

Q & A Interview With All Ages Of Geek Founder (Pop Filter Podcast)

Today’s interview is with the founders of All Ages Of Geek. A multimedia company partnered with Aminoapps.[...]

Patreon’s “Blurry” Guidelines, And The REAL Reason They’re Banning Anime Artists

I’ve watched the Patreon madness for a while now. But it’s time to get into[...]

8 Of The Greatest P.A Works Anime You Should Consider

P.A Works is a unique anime studio that focuses on slice of life, supernatural and[...]

Paving the Way for Diversity: Saturday AM Highlights Black Manga Characters

At the World’s MOST DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA COMICS anthology, not only does Saturday AM want[...]

24 Of The Smallest Anime Characters You’ll Ever Come Across

“Small” anime characters, girls or boys are pretty common. Especially if we’re talking about Loli’s[...]

The Never Ending “Subbed Vs Dubbed” Argument, And Why It Exists

The subbed vs dubbed anime debate never ends. People are always talking about it because[...]

How To Spot Fake Anime Fans And Why They Exist

Fake anime fans are more common in 2020 than they’ve ever been. And like other industries[...]

11+ Anime Companies And Studios That Went Bankrupt In The Last 4 Decades

Anime companies and studios have it harder than other industries. The anime industry is a[...]

Anime Elitists, And How They Ruin The Community For All Of Us

Anime elitists are like racists. They put you down to lift themselves up and believe you’re[...]

Anime Clickbait, Outrage Culture, And How Influencers Make It Worse

Clickbaiters, outrage nutjobs, and people who’s entire business is built around hype and bullshit seems[...]

9 Recommended Anime From Silver Link Studios Worth Watching

Silver Link isn’t my favorite anime studio, but a few of my favorites come from[...]

11+ Of The Best Anime Friendship Life Lessons You Need To Know

Friendship means different things to different people. And anime has friendship life lessons for all[...]

This Is Why Anime Will Never Be Politically Correct (Regardless Of Outrage Culture)

I don’t know or can’t say WHAT they had in mind when anime was first[...]

9 Of The Greatest Doga Kobo Anime You NEED To Watch!

Doga Kobo is an anime studio similar to Kyoto Animation. Mostly for its “anime shows.[...]

Q & A Interview With Author Of Orisha Manga (Saturday AM)

“Long before our time, the sky father OLORUN ruled over the realms of man. Before[...]

Why Vic Mignogna’s Still More Popular Than Jamie Marchi & Monica Rial

If you want the FULL, non-bias story of how this started: The Truth About Vic’s[...]

So Called Anime Journalism, And How Everyone’s In It For Clicks & Views

“Everyone” is a LOT of people. It’s not literal. But that should be obvious. This[...]

Anime’s Bad Repuation: Is There Truth To It, And WHAT Caused It?

Anime’s had a bad reputation for a LONG time. Whether it’s: Anime fans in the[...]

The Rise Of Anime Culture Vultures Infiltrating The Industry (In The Last Decade)

Culture vulture is a term for anyone: Trying to profit Benefit Take advantage of And use without[...]

The Hypocrisy Of Anime Cons Banning Ahegao Clothing

Ahegao is an exaggerated “sex face” women make that originates in Japan. With their eyes rolled[...]

5 Naruto Uzumaki Lessons About How To Handle Life’s Difficulties

Like many Shonen anime characters Naruto has captured the hearts of many fans. After the[...]

Q & A Interview With Saturday AM Magazine (Diverse Manga Publisher)

Saturday AM is the World’s MOST DIVERSE MANGA anthology magazine and has been one of[...]

Anime Gender Equality – Is This REALLY An Issue?

Does anime gender quality even exist? Or is it a made up term toxic feminists[...]