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Category Archives: Recommended

Recommended Anime shows and content that will inspire, motivate, make you think, or entertain!

Plus how-to anime guides and resources you’ll love.

The Best Anime Art Websites To Learn, Explore Or Make Money

Being in the anime community you’ll notice there aren’t many websites for anime artists. Or[...]

11+ Anime Worlds That Mirror The Coronavirus Pandemic

The #coronavirus pandemic has swept through the world, and no country is blind to it.[...]

The Most Famous Anime Dere Types That Changed The Industry As We Know It!

In the 1960’s when anime began, “dere” types were never a thing. Not that I[...]

The 20+ Most Disappointing Anime Of The Decade (2010-2019)

This is gonna sting if you’re the type of person who “gatekeeps” anime fans who[...]

Webtoons Are Cool, But They’re NOT The Future Of Anime (Here’s Why)

I have to laugh when I see sites like CBR talking about Webtoons being “the future[...]

8 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69 is a classic example of what happens when you ain’t about that life.[...]

Why Anime Streaming Services Can’t Stop The Power Of Piracy

streaming services are struggling with it. Piracy’s been happening since the 2000’s in a meaningful[...]

Japanese Exposes SJW Site CBR For #metoo Shield Hero Propaganda

It’s NOT the first time I’ve talked about CBR, a culture vulture website that pushes[...]

These Video Games NEED An Anime Adaptation!

I love video games. I grew up on Nintendo, then PlayStation, followed by Xbox. Out[...]

How Hentai Is “Accidentally” Hurting Anime’s Popularity

When an anime fan thinks of anime that’s all that should come to mind, because that’s exactly[...]

Top 30 Countries Where Hentai Is Loved The Most (2020)

Hentai is a lot more controversial and saucier, and better yet, “popular” than anime in[...]

Top 30 Countries Where Manga Is Popular In 2020

Just a few days ago I did a similar post for anime: Top 30 Countries Who Love[...]

14+ Of The Best Yaoi Anime Characters You Need To Know

Yaoi anime and anime characters aren’t covered as much as other genres. But the fanbase for[...]

Top 30 Countries Who Love Anime The Most In 2020

If you’ve followed Anime Motivation long enough, you’ll know these types of articles started here.[...]

The History Of Anime Reaction YouTuber: Suzy Lu, And The Controversy (Start To Finish)

I’ve been watching the drama with Suzy Lu play out for a while now, and came[...]

32+ GREAT High School Anime Worth Checking Out

High school anime shows are common. At least every season you can expect to see[...]

13+ Old School Anime You Should Add To Your “Watch” List

There’s something different about old school anime shows. The designs even by 2020 standards can[...]

8 Reasons I Feel Naruto Shippuden RUINED The Naruto Series

Naruto is one of the first anime I watched and it introduced me to other[...]

Anime Profile Pictures: Why Is There So Much HATE For It?

If you’ve stepped into the anime community for 5 minutes, you’ll notice one thing. And[...]

This Is What Haters Think Of Anime, And How They Describe It

It’s always interesting seeing what people think about anime, and what they have to say.[...]

Why Anime Is “Apparently” Bad For You, According To The Internet

It’s not often I read anime blogs, articles and especially news from other sites. Every[...]

11+ Great Anime OVA’S You Should Start Watching

What do you know about anime OVA’s? For me, an OVA is like a separate[...]

If You’re Looking For Anime Tsundere’s, Here Are 22+ Of The Best!

Tsundere’s are probably the most famous “dere” type in the anime community. They come up[...]

The Objectification Of Male Anime Characters

Male anime characters are objectified in anime. But as with most cases in society, we[...]