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Category Archives: Recommended

Recommended Anime shows and content that will inspire, motivate, make you think, or entertain!

Plus how-to anime guides and resources you’ll love.

The Biggest Shows During The Last Anime Golden Era!

The anime golden era was a time when everything was perfect. More money was being[...]

Why You Have NO Reason To Be Ashamed Of Liking Anime

Every so often I’ll talk about anime, how it’s perceived, and how anime fans are[...]

The 12+ Best Anime Motivational Videos To Give You An Extra Push

Sometimes you can learn a lot from anime, not just be entertained by it. Like[...]

Anime Body Diversity, And How Its Evolved Over The Years

Anime body diversity is a topic not many touch on, if at all. So I’ll[...]

The Psychological Effects Of Anime, And How Fans Are Impacted

The Psychological Effects Of Anime can be compared to other forms of entertainment. The effects[...]

The God Of High School Exclusive Interview With Voice Actors (Share Your Questions)

Crunchyroll will air in July 2020. As a partner of Crunchyroll, anime’s voice actors. So If[...]

10+ Of The BEST Josei Anime Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you a lady and looking for an anime to watch? Are you around the[...]

Illegally Downloading Manga Will Now Put You In Jail From 2021 (New Copyright Laws)

Japan’s at it again. Spending more energy, time and money trying to put you in jail[...]

NHK Japan Criticized For Racist BLM Anime Promoting Propaganda

Well well well. Looks like Japan is at it again. NHK has been called out publicly[...]

The 12+ Types Of Anime Fans And Their Psychology (A Full Breakdown)

The Psychology of anime fans and the types of anime fans is different. In a[...]

11+ Anime Author Characters Who Love Writing Like #JKRowling

Anime author characters are some of the most uncommon types of characters. There aren’t too[...]

13+ Anime Shows That Have “Same Face” Syndrome

Same face syndrome is when anime shows copy and paste faces from their earlier projects.[...]

Anime Black Lives Matter Movement, And The Companies Who Are Speaking Up!

Anime companies and fans are speaking up against injustice. And are in full support of[...]

19+ Action Dubbed Anime That Will Leave A Good Impression

I haven’t been watching too many action dubs these days, or any dubs at all.[...]

12+ Anime Girls Who Love Singing Just Like #TaylorSwift

Singing is a big part of many anime shows and even when it’s not specific[...]

11+ Of The Best American Anime Characters Worth Talking About

American anime characters are some of the most occasional in terms of how often they show[...]

7 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like #DonaldTrump

Donald Trump is the type of president that’s entertaining to watch from the outside in,[...]

The 12+ Best Yuri Anime Characters You Should Get To Know

Yuri anime characters are female, with Yaoi being the opposite. Yuri is all about lesbian[...]

12+ Of The Greatest Anime Fathers You’ve Ever Seen

You have tons of great fathers in anime. Especially when it comes to Shounen type[...]

How The Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge Started, And Why It’s Still Popular

The anime community. And its spread beyond that within the past week. It didn’t originate on[...]

12+ Motherly Anime Characters Who’d Make The Best Parents

Motherly anime characters (girls) can be found in dozens and dozens of anime series. Some of[...]

THIS is How Long It Would Take To Watch Every Anime Series Ever Created

There are over 12,000+ anime shows to date. According to MyAnimeList! Let’s assume each anime[...]

7 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like #JoeBiden

Joe Biden is in the news for a lot of different reasons. And those reasons[...]

This Is Why Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Is Overrated

Demon Slayer, or anime that’s on everyone’s tongue. Even during the #coronavirus pandemic and worldwide lockdown.[...]