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Trans Man Chris, A Friend Of MrBeast Deletes Tweet Saying “Nothing gets my knob cranking like some Loli”

In more crazy news from the anime industry, though not really crazy, is Chris from MrBeast who[...]

Middle School BANS Assassination Classroom Manga Because “We don’t want students to think it’s OK to kill their teachers”

If you never thought anime controversy and reasons for it to be banned couldn’t get[...]

@Hentai_Expo To Celebrate HOT Hentai Games This April 16th 2023 (Livestream)

Hentai Expo is a live-streamed event meant to: Highlight. Promote. Share. Recommend. And shed a[...]

Tokyo Treat Subscription Box March 2023 Review: Let’s Take A Look At What’s Inside

Back In March 2023, Tokyo Treat sent me another subscription box to test out for[...]

Successful Hentai Doujinshi “I Can’t Get It Up Without Two Pairs Of Big Breasts” Gets LIVE Action Adaptation

Just when you thought Japan didn’t give a f*ck, they take it even further and[...]

Chinese Authorities SHUTDOWN Major Japanese Anime Pirate Site, And That’s Not All

Anime pirate sites are still being targeted in 2023 despite the fact it doesn’t solve[...]

Only Fans Girl Accused Of Anime Pedo Baiting Surprisingly Takes Her Own Life

Anime’s bad reputation on some level follows it everywhere. It doesn’t matter what profession you’re[...]

Irish Man Who Downloaded Hentai Walks Free From Court, AVOIDS Jail Time

I’m not gonna call this too ironic, but in December 2022 I covered news from[...]

Japan Crate Subscription Box Review: Here’s What You Can Expect

Japan Crate, one of the OG’S of anime/Japan subscription boxes (in their own words), sent[...]

10 Anime Voice Actors Who Died in 2022 (R.I.P.)

2023 is still underway and only in the early stages, but it’s important to look[...]

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Hentai Was The Most SEARCHED Term Again via Pornhub 2022, Plus More….

Last year in 2021, I also covered the most popular search terms on pornhub via[...]

All Of The Major Anime Controversies That Took Place In 2022!

If there’s one thing the anime industry is known for, it’s the amount of: Controversies.[...]

NSFW Anime Turns Protagonist Into Dog Who Gets To See Half Naked Girls Undressing

Japan is proving once again that creative freedom of speech and creative expression is a[...]

Pornhub Says THIS Was The Most Popular Search Term By Irish Fans

I covered a similar story last year about pornhub, their statistics, and how HENTAI was[...]

Anti Piracy Group ACE Plans To Shut Down Pirates Like 9Anime To STOP Piracy

Somehow I always knew and said they might target the big pirate sites. I talk[...]

Study Says Autistic Fans Read Anime Characters’ Emotions Better Than “Normal” People!

Autism and autistic anime characters has always been a discussion and debated. Many aren’t officially[...]

Hentai Doujinshi “Hataraku Onee-san” Gets LIVE Action Adaptation With Naughty Scenes!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more bizarre, crazy, and out of this[...]

Author Of “Magical Girl Site” Manga DEMANDS Elon Musk Pay $1 Billion for Using Drawings Without Permission!

Elon Musk has been in the mainstream news for what feels like weeks at this point. It[...]

Manga is GOOD for Children, Says 85% Of People In New Japanese Survey

The anime and manga industry is a funny one. Depending on who’s doing the talking,[...]

Ex-Child Abusing Man Wants Manga BANNED That Sexualizes Children!

This is a seriously disturbing story when you read it from top to bottom. But[...]

Spy x Family Hits 26.5+ Million Sales Despite Sexualization And Child Trafficking

I’m obviously being sarcastic with the title of this post. But I thought it would[...]

14+ Brilliant Anime You Should Look Forward To From October 2022!

Anime fall 2022 (October onwards) is packed with killer titles, anime shows, movies, and content[...]

Trans Teacher With Breasts Implants Imitating ANIME Girl Causes Outrage via Fox News!

Anime used to the medium everyone refused to: Acknowledge. Accept. Welcome with open arms. And[...]

Redo Of Healer Director Is Working On This Winter’s “Immoral Guild” Ecchi Anime!

Redo Of Healer, an anime released back in January 2021 was one of the pandemics’[...]

Singaporean Woman QUITS Job To Become Manga Artist: Here’s What Happened Next…

This site is called Anime Motivation for a reason. But I don’t usually cover stories like this[...]

Italy’s Updated Criminal Law Says Anime, Hentai, And Comics Are “Child Pornography”

This isn’t the first time we’re gonna hear news like this, and it’s not gonna[...]

Chinese Woman Arrested For Wearing Japanese Kimono From Summertime Rendering

Summertime Rendering is a horror anime that was picked up by Disney+ and is now[...]

MangaBank Piracy Site Owner Sentenced By CHINESE Authorities On Behalf Of Japan

In the last story I covered with piracy just yesterday: The perpetrator was in his[...]

Genshin Impact 7 Minute Trailer Is Aesthetically Pleasing Like Demon Slayer!

Genshin Impact is an anime game you can’t ignore. It’s even popular with people who[...]

Japanese Man Faces 5 Years In PRISON For Anime Piracy Website

Who knew way back in the 2000’s when nobody thought the internet (or piracy) could[...]

Anime Fan Wearing Ahegao Hoodie Denied JOB Application On The Spot!

Ahegao is a type of hoodie that’s been famous (but low key) for years and years[...]

Genshin Impact Fans NOT HAPPY With The Lack Of Skin Tones Among Sumeru Characters

Genshin Impact has been in many controversies and this is far from the first one. A[...]

Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague FINALLY Gets Anime Adaptation!

Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague is a wholesome manga series with a white[...]

Berserk Author’s Best Friend Will CONTINUE Franchise Until Completion! (Good News)

Just over a year ago the author of Berserk Kentaro Miura passed away. And this news was[...]

Anime Artists LEAVING Pixiv After The Platform Starts Censoring Hentai!

Pixiv is a platform in Japan for: Anime artists. Creators. And anyone in between who focuses predominantly on[...]

New Action-Isekai Hentai Has BETTER Visuals Than Ufotable’s Demon Slayer?

No one ever said Hentai can’t have some of the best visuals going when it[...]

Anime Fans Are Roasting Shield Hero S2 For Its BAD Ratings And Story, But Is It Justified?

I already wrote about this earlier in the year but the topic was a little[...]

Local Anime Translator Says Manga Is SEXIST For Appealing To Men With Hot Female Characters!

When will the madness end? The answer is NOT anytime soon. The attack on anime[...]

VTuber @Emiokok Exposed As A RACIST After Calling Anime Fans Pedo’s

The internet continues to expose people for who they really are, day in, day out.[...]

Hentai Fan Pleads GUILTY For Molesting 7 Year Old Cousin Who Called Him “Onii Chan”

This is the kind of story most anime haters, critics, detractors and scapegoaters LOVE to[...]

New Manga Announced Where Meteorites From Space Turn Straight Guys GAY (January 2023)

The anime and manga industry can get weird at times. There’s no denying that even[...]

IRONIC: Anime Pirate Site Shutdown Because Visitors Used AD BLOCKER Too Much!

Anime piracy and the streaming business overall are complicated as F. It seems like there’s[...]