Why Carol Olston Is One Of The BEST Tomo Chan Is A Girl Characters

carol olston tomo chan is a girl 1

Carol Olston is the supposed “side character” of the series, along with the famous Misuzu Gundou from Tomo Chan Is A Girl.

Other than the fact Carol is:

  • Blonde.
  • European.

And a stand-out character based on design alone, there’s more to it than what appears on the surface.

In fact – she’s a character that warmed on people slower than Misuzu, but with impact when all is said and done.

Let’s talk about it.


Why Carol Olston is one of the best characters:


1. She’s a crackpot

carol and misaki headpat tomo chan anime

The first thing you’ll notice about Carol Olston after her looks and puffy cheeks is her personality.

She’s an odd bird. Other birds have two wings, Carol has 3 or 4.

She’s first introduced by Misaki, the guy who Tomo is getting along with and thinks highly of. Once she’s introduced, Misuzu flat-out tells Carol how she doesn’t appreciate people like her (paraphrasing).

Carol is completely unphased, and this is the beginning of Carol’s introduction as an eccentric anime girl and a side character.


2. She indifferent to negativity

carol and misuzu episode 3

I don’t mean outright, toxic negativity. But let’s say when someone tries to put you down, insult you, or diss you to get a reaction out of you. Carol is the type to be completely unphased and indifferent to it.

It’s almost as if she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body or the fact that she’s unable to process any sort of negativity since she can just as easily bounce it back on the person or dismiss it with a smile.

This goes back to point #1 about being a bit of a crackpot. She’s eccentric, different, and it shows in the way she handles Misuzu’s attitude before they become friends in the anime.

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3. Chipper and cheerful

carol olston tomo chan is a girl gif

As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. Carol Olston is the positive light of the series. The type of person who always seems to be shining in her own way, to the point of pissing certain people off who aren’t attracted to it.

A lot of the time, in fact, all the time she’s like this and isn’t doing it on purpose. It’s just the way she is, and it’s why Tomo, Misuzu, and many other characters can not just tolerate but appreciate her way of being.

It’s funny to watch.


4. Her interactions

The episode where Carol Olston invites Misuzu and Tomo to her house is a sight to see for comedic reasons. They both show up hoping it isn’t some big ass house, and that’s exactly what happens.

Not before being greeted by her strange mother, who Carol obviously takes from.

When you see how Carol and her mother interact with each other as a family, it can be a bit much for those who aren’t touchy-feely. But hilarious as a general rule as a fan watching it all play out.

It’s refreshing since both Misuzu and Tomo aren’t anything like that, which is why the anime’s chemistry between the 3 characters is so good.


5. She lives in her own world

carol olston headband

For what it’s worth this will; be relatable for a lot of fans watching the rom-com anime series. Carol is absent-minded, something I can relate to. She bounces to her own rhythm and doesn’t follow along with what everyone else is doing.

This makes her unique, naturally different (or weird depending on perspective), and interesting from afar.


6. She’s smarter than she let’s on

carol olston kawaii

As we’ve seen in the latest episodes of Tomo Chan Is A Girl, Carol Olston has been fooling the audience for the longest. She had everyone convinced that she was an airhead with no brain at all.

Turns out she’s even smarter than Misuzu Gundou, or at least smarter in the sense of academics. She topped her scores and became #1 to everyone’s surprise.

What makes her smart is the way she thinks about things, concepts, ideas, metaphors, and how she’s able to use that to make sense of mathematical problems and other academic-related topics.


7. She’s “cute”

tomo chan is a girl carol cute

In reality, this is an anime series we’re talking about. And it’s an anime with a female character who can be considered the cutest in the Tomo Chan Is A Girl series.

That comes with its own automatic attraction and so-called cool points.

Carol is cute, end of. Everything else is just a bonus that makes her character that much more appealing.


8. Has a good sense of humour

tomo chan is a girl carol squeeze

The first insight into Carol’s smarts and intelligence is her sarcasm. It’s not just her sarcasm, but how it’s implied she’s being series when she’s being sarcastic with Misuzu or Tomo.

She’s well aware of what she’s doing, proven by her reaction to both characters when being sarcastic.

She has no fear when being sarcastic and ultimately playing with fire.


9. Both Carol and Misuzu are partners in crime

carol and misuzu episode 5

This might be the best reason on the list. Carol and Misuzu are partners in crime, a thing that seemed unlikely the moment she showed up as a supporting character.

Even Tomo points this out when she sees them together. Both Carol and Misuzu are responsible for helping Tomo out with her romance problems with Jiro.

In the end, they’re both loyal, good friends, and entertaining when they’re together.

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