Booty Farm: Experience Seeding The Hot Country Chicks (Review)

Booty Farm Hentai Game Review
Written by Mahathir M

Have you ever thought of creating your own farm in the countryside?

Imagine you can breathe fresh air in your farmyard. A hot babe surrounding your farm would be nice.

Rather than only imagine, let’s start those imaginations by playing this game.

Booty farm, a Nutaku published game created by Tender Troupe studio will make you experience a similar event.


The story

You’re a charming young man who lives in the city as a playboy. You enjoy late-night parties and dating attractive women. Your uncle just decided to bequeath you a farm in a county one day.

At first glance, you’ll notice that it’s an old farm with a lot of things that need to be fixed.

You decide to sell it right immediately and go back to the city. But then a lovely girl appeared and change everything.

It’s not an ordinary hottie, this girl is a hottie that is ready to be milked. Now that is what we call with working on the farm.

This game offers us more than 15 girls to enjoy.

As your first girl, you’ll meet Mindy, a beautiful girl with flaming red hair. She will aid you with farm labor. She claims that the girls in this town are terribly lonely.

Most of the adult men have relocated to the city for some reason. A factory is located outside of town, and all of the males in this town work there.

Mindy persuades you to remain behind and aid the local females. You notice that the women here are stunning and enticing that make you rock hard.

Your life will never be the same again.


You will focus on expanding your farm while flirting and dating attractive females in town

The gameplay contains several elements. Booty Farm is a traditional farm game, but it also contains visual novel aspects.

Growing your farm and flirting with attractive females are the two things you should be concerned about.

You can grow your farm in the same way you would in a traditional farm game.

You must seed, care for, and harvest your crops but, don’t forget you can also seed and care for the girls in this game so you can unlock their 200+ uncensored sex scene.

You can also construct a factory to process the crops you’ve collected into pet food. You may even construct more factories to produce delicious pastries and foods.

I believe Booty Farm has done an excellent job developing its visuals. When I initially started playing this game, it was the females that piqued my interest. And they’re all stunningly attractive and nice.

Colors and visuals are easy to enjoy with perfect harmony, providing the greatest possible experience for gamers.

Sharp pictures and great contrast are used to recreate the farm’s atmosphere and scenery. And the most important part is they develop an uncensored SEX scene from every girl that we already seduce.


Aside from that, the game’s sound is also a huge advantage

What are my thoughts on the girls‘ voices? It was adorably sweet. Especially when they are moaning as you will see in this game.

You can play this game for free on your android device or desktop version. However, there are several functions that you can only get by using Nutaku coins for unlocking another premium girl.

They’re also a currency that will boost up your farm in every aspect such as gold and diamonds to help you get everything faster and neat.


This is a great game to enjoy in your spare time

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