Bootleg Vs Real Anime Figures: 6 In-Depth Videos That Showcase The Differences

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Written by Theo J Ellis

It’s no fun finding out that the anime figure you just bought is a FAKE.

Especially if you ordered your fake anime figure from a far away place like China (ouch).

To educate you, anime customers and figure collectors, we’ve done some digging.

And here are 6 of the most in-depth videos showcasing the difference between real vs bootleg anime figures.

You’ll walk away from this post with a fresh breath of knowledge and wisdom. Which should help you on your journey to buying official anime products from legitimate retailers.

NOTE: products.


1. How To Spot A Bootleg by Anime Abbotsford

YouTube video

This video is about 38 minutes long, so prepare yourself.

It starts out showcasing two examples of a Banpresto Figurine of Goku.

The fake figurine is easy to spot, as the paint job is terrible and it looks awful.

In comparison, the real thing is as you’d expect: Good looking to say the least.

You’d be wise to watch full screen and turn the volume up as you may not be able to hear it. Or see it clearly otherwise.


2. Anime Figures Buyers Guide: Bootleg Nami Figure by TechnoTokyoTheatre

YouTube video

In this video, YouTuber TechnoTokyo dives into the difference between a fake vs real Nami figure.

The figure in question is originally manufactured and licensed by Megahouse.

It’s about 19 minutes long so it’s good to watch if you’re on a lunch break.

Or whenever you’ve got 20 minutes to spare to educate yourself on bootleg anime figures.


3. How To Spot & Avoid Bootleg Figures by AnimeBox

YouTube video

This YouTube video is around 24 minutes long.

YouTubers of AnimeBox give examples of a Hatsune Miku Nendoroid figure they purchased.

And compare the real thing to a bootleg, fake version of Hatsune Miku’s figurine.

You’ll see both YouTubers go into depth from the packaging, to the text, design and small details. Making this video quite useful for beginner anime collectors.


4. How To Spot A FAKE Bootleg Anime Figure by Jack Rippon

YouTube video

This video is only 13 minutes long. So much shorter than the others.

And YouTuber Jack Rippon gives a quality break down of how to avoid bootleg anime figures. As well as quick tips on what to look for when shopping for anime merch online.

One of the examples given is to use MyFigureCollection.Net to find trusted anime shops and retailers.

And since we’re on the topic: Anime Motivation is also listed in MyFigureCollection’s database.

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5. How To Spot and Avoid Bootleg Figures and Why (by Sega Super Star)

YouTube video

This video is around 10 minutes long, the shortest on this list.

UK YouTuber Sega Super Star dives into his experience with buying fake anime figures,

And being disappointed by companies who sell bootleg figures. Which ruins the anime industry (including retailers and manufacturers).

It’s worth watching alongside other YouTube videos on this list.


6. BOOTLEG ANIME FIGURES: What, Why and How? by TenseiTwister

YouTube video

The last in-depth video is 17 minutes long. Created by YouTuber: TenseiTwister.

In this video TenseiTwister focuses on 3 main questions:

  1. What are bootlegs?
  2. Why are bootlegs bad for the anime industry?
  3. How can you avoid buying bootlegs?

Short clips from knowledgeable people in the anime industry are also featured. Giving their two-cents on the topic.

After watching this video plus all 6 in this post, you’ll be much better off. Much wiser. And a lot smarter and aware of what a bootleg is and how to avoid it.

Even in 2017 there are fake anime retailers trying to sell bootleg figures and merchandise.

So it’s important to spread the word to help the anime industry grow.

And eventually weed out bootleg anime retailers (if possible). 🙂


Go ahead and share this post with other anime fans and collectors.

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