Bleach Live 20th Anniversary Announcement: A Full Breakdown Of What’s Happening

Bleach anniversary   announcement

I’m watching the Bleach event LIVE as I write this. So I’m multi-tasking while listening and watching.

There’s a lot to unpack so I’m gonna break it down in a simple way for you.

Here it is:


1. Bleach Burn The Witch Manga – Shounen Jump (Summer 2020)

burn the witch manga

Burn The Witch Bleach Manga will start in summer 2020, in the weekly Shounen Jump. So put this in your schedule because it’s an official date.

More will be revealed down the line.


2. Bleach Burn The Witch Movie (Winter 2020)

bleack burn the witch manga

Bleach burn the witch will have an animated movie in Winter 2020. So around December 2020 this year.

The movie is in the same universe of Bleach, but with different characters. Also – the division in Burn The Witch is the western division, based in London.

This is different to the original Bleach universe where the soul reaper division is based in the EAST. Which is referenced in the Manga and the anime if I’m not mistaken.


3. Bleach Illustration exhibition 2021 (unofficial date)

During the live Bleach event they also mentioned Bleach will have an official exhibition in 2021.

At the moment they don’t know what date, but they’re enthusiastic about making it happen sometime in 2021.


4. Official NEW Bleach logo

bleach new logo 2020


5. Thousand Year Blood Arc 2021

thousand year blood arc bleach 2021

No official date yet, but the thousand year blood arc will be adapted and may start in 2021.


Here’s the full video with English translation (Bleach 20th anniversary update)


  • The Bleach anime will focus on Japan FIRST, with no plans for an international audience yet.
  • Again – Burn the witch manga comes in summer 2020.
  • Burn the witch anime comes in autumn/winter 2020.
  • Bleach Exhibition will happen in 2021.
  • The one shot manga is available for FREE on Jump-plus in Japan.

News source: Live Bleach event (Shounen Jump).



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