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The Greatest Black Rock Shooter Quotes That Will Make You Think

Black Rock Shooter quotes from anime characters:

  • Mato Kuroi.
  • Arata Kohata.
  • Yomi Takanashi.
  • Saya Irino.
  • Strength.

Black Rock Shooter is an action/school anime, with similar vibes to Madoka Magica and Steins Gate.

Like both anime, there’s some depth to the series that gives each quote its own flair and relatability.

Let’s talk about those quotes, and share the best worth mentioning.


Black Rock Shooter Quotes:


1. Arata Kohata Quotes

arata kohata quotes |

“You know… When something bad happens, I don’t like thinking it was someone else’s fault. See, if it’s someone else’s fault, then there’s nothing I, personally, can do about it. I want to think it’s all up to me. If that’s the case, then I can do something about the things that go wrong. Then I can always run and always fly.” – Arata Kohata


2. Mato Kuroi Quotes

Mato Kuroi Quotes

“To me, nothing is painful. There is no such thing as anguish. Even if some things seem like they hurt, deep down, everyone is a nice person. We can understand each other, or so I thought; or so I liked to think. I didn’t want to wallow in misery. I didn’t want to become spiteful. I just didn’t want to be hurt. I didn’t want to be hated.” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes |

“This is my darkness. Nothing anyone says can console me.” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 1 |

“Let’s be in pain together.” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 2 |

“I can’t believe there are people who actually like math!” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 3 |

“You can’t get hurt without also hurting others.” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 4 |

“Black Rock Shooter, I will hurt you. No matter how much I get hurt, I will get through to your heart.” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 5 |

“You won’t hurt me. No matter how much it hurts, I really won’t get hurt. So let’s go have some fun! Let’s go see a lot of things together.” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 6 |

“You’re wrong! None of that makes any sense! Grief and suffering isn’t something that can be taken away by dying in a fight! You have to resolve your problems by talking and explaining your points of view. Relying on others for it is wrong!” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 7 |

“The colors aren’t all wonderful, but even so, this world is beautiful!” – Mato Kuroi


mato kuroi quotes 8 |

“Do you want me to get mad at you? If you want to, then I will.” – Mato Kuroi


3. Saya Irino Quotes

saya irino quotes |

“Even if your heart feels like it’s been stabbed, it won’t bleed or leave a scar behind. There will be someone who’ll help you bear the pain. It’ll all work out, so don’t brood over it. No matter how much it seems to hurt, it’s all just a trick of the mind.” – Saya Irino


saya irino quotes 1 |

“Dreams can be used to express what can’t be put into words.” – Saya Irino


saya irino quotes 2 |

“It’s good to not have any enemies, but it’s normal to unintentionally make a few along the way.” – Saya Irino


4. Yomi Takanashi Quotes

yomi takanashi quotes |

“I’ll never let you be alone. I’ll be with you. I won’t run away. So let’s leave this place together.” – Yomi Takanashi


5. Strength Quotes

Strength Quotes Black Rock Shooter

“No world is more painful to live in than this one.” – Strength


strength quotes black rock shooter |

“I wouldn’t lie to someone I love, the real world can be so wonderful.” – Strength


strength quotes black rock shooter 1 |

“We have no feelings and can only act on instinct, but that’s precisely why we could never fight for someone we hate.” – Strength


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