9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

6 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017
Written by Theo J Ellis

Thought it would be fun to do a prediction post, so here we are!

Anime has gone through so many changes the past decade. And a lot of those changes are because of the internet and technology.

Let’s talk about some predictions I have regarding that.


9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017:


1.  Anime publishers will start taking online streaming seriously

Today is the 1st of January 2017. And yet, there are still Anime publishers and companies unwilling to accept the facts. Because they’re still living in the past.

Those facts are….

  1. Online streaming will continue to grow.
  2. Online streaming isn’t going away (whether legal or illegal).
  3. Video is a platform that continues to grow.
  4. And the internet will continue to grow on a yearly basis.

Which means less and less Anime fans will be buying Anime dvd’s or watching Anime through TV.

Why would you when you have the convenience of watching it online, on YOUR schedule?

Convenience matters. And the price of streaming is more appealing to fans anyway.

I predict publishers and such know this deep down, and more will start to take online streaming seriously. And accept the facts that the internet (and online streaming) is the future.


2.  One Punch Man season 2 will outsell season 1

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

Sounds obvious, right? Not really. Not every brand new series outsells the original.

And even worse, some shows never get a second season because they don’t sell enough.

One Punch Man is a one of a kind Anime show.

In many ways the feeling it gives you is like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, etc. And it has quite a big audience.

I’d be surprised if the second season of One Punch man doesn’t outsell the first season.


3.  A new Dragon Ball Z video game will be announced, based on Dragon Ball Super

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

Only a fool would deny Dragon Ball Super‘s success so far.

Sure it’s not the same as DBZ some might say, but when “dragon ball” is brought up in conversation, DB Super is usually the topic.

And when you Google the words – “dragon ball” it immediately brings up “DB Super”.

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See for yourself

I can’t not see the creators at least announcing a video game at some point in 2017. Time will tell.


4.  Yuri On Ice will set a new trend for the Anime industry

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

I haven’t even watched the whole series yet. But I can already tell what a huge following this show seems to have.

No matter where I look, all I see is “Yuri” this and “Yuri” that. On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… And so on.

Personally I think the creators of Yuri On Ice have got balls creating an Anime with two male Gay characters. Who are even seen kissing, etc.

And it’s for this reason I believe Yuri On Ice will set a new trend for the Anime industry.

Yuri On Ice pulled it off like a real pro, regardless of the hate and criticism some people are giving it.

It’ll make “gay” guys in Anime more acceptable from an industry and consumer perspective.


5. Possibility of YouTube becoming an alternative to Anime streaming sites

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

YouTube red was launched in 2015. A subscription service that costs $10 a month for original video content.

I’m unable to say how many Anime publishers are using YouTube red, but it could become relevant in 2017. Meaning it could become a useful way of watching all your favorite Anime shows in future.

It’s only available in a few countries now, but I suspect YouTube will expand to more countries this year.


6.  Anime DVD sales will continue to decline worldwide

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

When was the last time you seen one of these discs? If you were born between the 90’s and early 2000’s, you’ve probably never had an Anime dvd.

Neither have I.

The point is – Anime DVD’s are too expensive and inconvenient.

If you can watch Anime online for free, or for cheap, then it makes little sense to want a DVD. It’s more headache than it’s worth.

For this reason (and others), Anime DVD’s will continue to decline in sales.

And before you know it, few people, especially the younger generation, will never buy or own an Anime Blue Ray or DVD disc.


7.  The Anime industry will be worth (¥) 2 trillion yen

Back in 2014, the Anime industry’s net worth was (¥)1.63 trillion yen. Or $13.5 billion (2017).

I predict in 2017 it will reach a milestone of (¥)2 trillion yen worldwide.


8. The Manga industry will be overshadowed by the Anime industry

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

My reasoning for this prediction?

  1. It’s said in 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be video. And that’s not all.
  2. By that time there will be millions and millions more people with access to the internet.
  3. Manga print books are in decline. As is the whole print book industry.
  4. And more people watch videos than read books. Whether online or offline. Because it’s easier, quicker, and visual.

It’s not that Manga is dead or useless. It’s that watching an Anime series is more convenient than reading a Manga for most people.


9. The amount of Anime shows on legal streaming sites will double

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

Crunchyroll (and others)  will invest more of their time and energy into adding more Anime content.

I had a hard time finding how many Anime shows Crunchyroll has. But I’m guessing it’s between 400+ shows on their site.

By the end of 2017 their catalog of Anime shows will at least double. The same may be true for sites like Hulu who also stream Anime.

Of course, for free streaming sites the number of Anime‘s will triple or quadruple without a doubt.

Which predictions do you agree or disagree with?



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