The 15+ Greatest Fairy Tail Songs That Stand The Test Of Time!

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Fairy Tail gets a lot of hate because of how popular the anime is. But no matter how you feel about it, the MUSIC is some of the best an anime can offer.

It’s not just a few songs or OST’S either. It’s a big collection of the Fairy Tail songs and instrumentals that are legit.

I’ll share some of the best Fairy Tail has to offer.


Fairy Tail‘s BEST Music:


1. Fairy Tail Face The White Inheritance OST

Fairy Tail is good when it comes to dark music, or music relating to “bad” events happening within an anime.

This OST is a good reflection of that.


2. Fairy Tail Dragon Force OST

Dragon Force OST is one of the most legendary pieces of music from the series. It gives you vibes and memories from plenty of the scenes throughout FT.

Especially scenes where characters make a come back and turn the tide in their favor.


3. Fairy Tail – Sannin No Dragon Slayers 3 OST

This theme represents Wendy Marvell, the sky dragon of Fairy Tail.

When Wendy Marvell gets some shine, this music embodies that. And the action + feels that come with it.


4. Fairy Tail Main Theme

Fairy Tail‘s original theme is one of its most memorable. And for good reason.

You can’t forget music like this, knowing what and who it represents.


5. Erza Scarlet’s Theme


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Erza’s one of Fairy Tail‘s best written characters, so it’s only natural she has one of the best theme songs.

This theme song starts out early in the series and is one of her personal best.


6. Fairy Tail Lightning Flame Dragon OST

This is Laxu’s theme, the lightning dragon of the series who doesn’t get enough shine.

Whenever Laxus shows up in a battle, you know sh*t’s about to go down.


7. Fairy Tail NATSU Theme Song

fairy tail natsu theme song

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Natsu is another main character with some of the best theme songs in the Fairy Tail series.

Similar to Erza, when his theme song is playing, it’s likely about to be a memorable and relevant scene that makes history.


8. Akuma Deliora OST 

Akuma Deliora

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When Deliora the demon first shows up and is heard of, Gray Fullbuster in particular is worried.

Around this time of the series he’s extremely powerful. And it’s a reminder of Gray’s past.


9. Mirajane Original Soundtrack Fairy Tail

mirajane crying sad

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Fairy Tail has an abundance of sad music, or music that’s filled with emotions and feels.

This Mirajane soundtrack is one of the best examples to show it. And it’s a good reflection of her character.


10. Gekitou No Hate BATTLE OST

Wendy Marvell as mentioned already is a great and underrated character in the series.

This battle music is a perfect fit and in general, is a staple in the Fairy Tail series.


11. Saigo no Mahou OST

erza charging forward

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The Grand Magic Games arc is one of the best hands down. And this music comes straight from it.

It’s the first time we see Natsu’s dragon force. And it’s full of some solid fights, too.


12. Yousei No Shippo OST


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When Fairy Tail is describing what happened last time in the series, this music comes on. But not always.

Even still – given the context it’s a lot better than you’d expect it to be.


13. ‎Fairy Tail Mystogan Theme

Mystogan, just as the name implies, is a character who’s mysterious and little is known about him.

All wizards know is he’s powerful. But this music is one of his best, considering he’s not the most “seen” character in the series.


14. Rengougun, Shuuketsu OST

Rengougun Shuuketsu ost

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The grand magic games. One of its BEST themes, even if short.


15. Nirvana no Hikari Fairy Tail OST

Nirvana no Hikari ost

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And we’ll end this post with this OST. Not the most famous from FT but a great one that deserves some shine.

Which Fairy Tail songs do you love?



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