29+ Recommended Doujinshi You Should Start Reading

Recommended Doujinshi

A doujinshi is commonly used in Japan for self-published or fan-made comics. These comics are created by fans, often based on a popular manga, anime, or video game series.

Imagine you like a TV show or video game and want to create a story or comic about it.

That’s what a doujinshi is—like a homemade comic made by fans. They draw pictures and make up their stories using the characters and settings from their favourite shows, games, or movies.

It’s important to note that while most doujinshi are harmless and created by fans for fun and creative expression, some may contain more mature content.


1.) Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

word image 152507 1

From Viz: In the Maruhage Empire, every hair must be hunted by order of a terrible tyrant in the year 300X. But one man steps up to the plate and speaks out against this infringement on human hair rights.

Bo-bobo, a master of the Fist of the Nose Hair, employs his schnoz’s prehensile hairs for the most devastating purposes.

As Bo-bobo and his sentient companion nibbles launch their humorous uprising against the Empire, follow their outrageous exploits.


2.) Asagao To Kase-san. DJ- Chocolate To Kase-san

word image 152507 2

This manga follows the girls’ love story of Kase-san, which centres on the undying love between two adolescent girls named Tomoka Kase and Yui Yamada.

Despite having completely different personalities, the two click right away.

The DJ occurs after the two have started dating and Yamada has baked Valentine’s Day cookies for Kase. She is unaware that most of the school’s female students have also taken this action.


3.) The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn’t A Guy At All

word image 152507 3 e1688554811116

The romance between a gyaru and her student, whom she misidentifies as a man outside of the classroom, connects over their shared interest in rock music.


4.) Game-Bu

word image 152507 4

Game-bu, a series written by Mozou Crystal, debuted in 2012 and ran for five years and twelve volumes. Despite the simplistic, basic art, the series remained successful long enough for the author to finish the entire plot.

Another high school-based series, Game Club, is focused on a game club with various eccentric members.

The first episode focuses on Beshika, the club’s troublemaker, and Yukina, the chairperson of the Game Club, playing a game together. But as time passes, the narrative keeps introducing new characters and demonstrating how rapidly a group dynamic may alter as new members are added.


5.) Lucky Find

word image 152507 5

A run-away boy trying to find shelter in the middle of the rain. But a lonely man living alone took him in.

The protagonist thought the man wanted something in return for the top, but he was wrong. Enjoy this sweet one-shot story of a man that looks like Aizawa-san.


6.) Priapus

word image 152507 6

Zeus, the ruler of the gods, has grown weary of humankind’s propensity for violence and hatred. Despite his desire for the quick extinction of humanity, he refuses to approach man’s level by resorting to violence to accomplish this particular aim. With this in mind, Zeus gives the duty to the god of reproduction and fertility, Priapus.

Priapus devises a straightforward but successful plan: If he made every man on Earth gay, human reproduction rates would drastically decline, and the human race would be extinct within a few generations.

Priapus begins his conversion mission by teaching mortal men about a different form of intimacy. He does this with his seductive charm, collection of sensual god equipment, and enormous sexual prowess.


7.) Giji- Harem

word image 152507 7

While Rin Nanakura (who secretly likes him) transforms into a different “character” with a distinct personality every time she is with him, Eiji Kitahama is an upperclassman who yearns to have a harem like the ones he sees in the comic books he reads.

What direction will these two drama club members’ romance go in? Will Rin ever be able to be authentic and express her feelings for him?


8.) Hayate No Gotoku! The Butler And His Relatively Fun Friends

word image 152507 8

Ayasaki Hayate is left to fight for himself against the yakuza, who want his organs to pay off his parents’ enormous gambling debt while he is just 16. Searching for a method to obtain 157 million yen. He finds a wealthy girl he can kidnap and hold for ransom.

The only issue is that he’s a horrible criminal who saves her life from more would-be kidnappers while ostensibly confessing his love for her. The girl, Nagi, and her maid agree to let him work as a butler at their house so he may pay off his debt.

The job of a butler for Hayate is complex, however, since he must deal with talking tigers, murderous robots, envious family members, and general hypocrisy.


9.) Azami- Sabita Yoru Demo Kol Wa Sasayaku DJ

word image 152507 9

The story of Yumi and Kan, best friends who decided to live together after they graduated from school, is told in Sabita Yoru demo Koi wa Sasayaku. Immediately after receiving a job offer, Kan begins to question Yumi.

The episode places a lot of emphasis on Yumi and Kan’s growing friendship after Yumi dumps her physically abusive partner.

The one-shot is concise, well-paced, and offers a surprisingly realistic perspective on what it’s like for a victim to leave an abusive relationship despite covering much ground.


10.) Hentai Elf to Majime Orc

word image 152507 10

After the Great War, a young Orc lived in peace and promised never to harm or assault an elf or human. He meets an Elf who claims to be lost one day because she was looking for an Orc to molest her.

She appears tenacious and will stop at nothing to be violated. Will the young Orc be able to keep his word, or will he fall short?


11.) Amongst Us

word image 152507 11

She fell in love with the brash conductor and the austere cellist.

Together, they manage the small dumpster fires their daily lives somehow turn into.


12.) Tale of a Girl and a Delinquent Who’s Bad with Women

word image 152507 12

When he’s out studying, a “delinquent” who gets tense and speaks violently around women finds a young child in the library.

Despite being in elementary school, she instructs him, much to his astonishment.


13.) Aru Yoru

word image 152507 13

Aru Yoru is a one-shot continuation of the wildly popular boys’ love manga NightS by Yoneda Kou. The unique romance between a yakuza and an out gay specialist transporter is the subject of the original tale.

The DJ concentrates on the events two months following the couple’s previous encounter. Karashi had been anticipating Masaki’s arrival so they could have a quiet evening together.


14.) Blue Flame

word image 152507 14

In this tale from the early 1980s, a young man envisions becoming a well-known comic book author one day. HONOO Moyuru is his full name.

He only has a dream and no money. Then, overcome by his incapacity, he purchases some sake despite having neither the head nor the stomach for alcohol. This is a heartbreaking elegy for any spry young art student who spends his days scurrying about in a fire of ambition.


15.) Gap Papa: Daddy at Work and at Home

word image 152507 15

His coworkers describe him as gorgeous, chilly, and distant, yet this icy-looking salaryman reveals his true self as a devoted husband and father when he gets home.

Talk about a disconnect between his outward personality and his actions with his small daughter and his adored wife!


16.) You, the One Sitting Next To Me, Are the Cutest.

word image 152507 16

Enter Kohinata Akari, a classmate who recently switched seats next to him, and Hoshikawa Yuu, a male who is so adorable that some people mistake him for a lady.

In this story, the two high school students seated next to one another believe the other is the cutest person in the room.


17.) JunJou Romantica

word image 152507 17

One of the few popular boys’ love series was Junjou Romantica, which spawned an anime with numerous seasons. The comic was first published in 2002 by Shungiku Nakamura and is still strong today.

It proves how many people appreciate the mischief Misaki and the Usami family get themselves into, chapter after chapter.

Having said that, those who come to this doujinshi hoping for the overt signs of romance may be in the wrong place.

Chika*Chika CheapStar consists of just a few short stories and a collection of adorable side stories centred on two of the main couples.

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18.) Fan Service- Shingeki no Kyojin DJ

word image 152507 18

Despite never having met Levi from his favourite band, No Name, Eren is an Omega who knows who his mate is.

Will Eren ever have the chance to meet his soul mate, or has destiny decreed that he may only see him from a distance?


19.) Beauty and the Best Girl

word image 152507 19 e1688554677809

Despite her terrifying appearance, a tormented monster that lives alone in the forest longs to be among people.

Everything changes when she begins to have visitors—a blind human girl who is entranced by her enigmatic forest companion.

Their love demonstrates that beauty extends beyond the surface as the monster and the girl become closer in their isolated environment.


20.) First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

word image 152507 20

Niichi, a master of youth humour, presents a brand-new tale of Maki and Tetsuya, a betrothed pair.

Their love keeps developing even if the things that were once novel and exciting to them have long since become routine.

Their transformation from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife is portrayed in this touching tale.


21.) Sonomama De

word image 152507 21

In 2009, Kai Asou began writing Sonomama De, and he finished it in 2013.

The novel’s main characters are Tsuji and Aizawa, who have been good friends without any issues until Aizawa declares his emotions for Tsuji. Despite Aizawa’s desire for a relationship, Tsuji believes there is a danger that dating could harm their friendship.

Sonomama De is a sweet story spread across six chapters that avoids most clichés typical to romance manga. The two individuals, finally grownups for once, are the main subject of attention.

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22.) Untouchable- My Hero Academia DJ

word image 152507 22

This is a Doujinshi of the famous manga/anime, My Hero Academia.

This ship is between Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and other crafts.

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23.) Onani Master Kurosawa

word image 152507 23

Every day after school, quiet and reserved student Kurosawa “relieves himself” in the vacant girls‘ restroom. Along with this extraordinary rite, Kurosawa also yearns for justice and a critical viewpoint of his peers.

He vows to exact revenge on the bullies the best way he knows how after witnessing two of the “popular” females in his class harassing an awkward girl.

His intended retaliation proceeds “just as planned” until he encounters an unknown collaborator.


24.) Anniversary (294505)

word image 152507 24

A couple are celebrating their anniversary. As they exchanged gifts, they decided to make a family. And…well, they made a family.

It is a wholesome hentai with incredible art; you might as well look into it.


25.) Akane No Koro- Kimi Wa Natsu No Naka DJ

word image 152507 25

Although Nagisa Furuya is better recognized for her work on manga, she also occasionally contributes to a few unofficial doujin.

Chiharu Saeki and Wataru Toda, two high school classmates, were the subject of the first Kimi wa Natsu no Naka manga, which had five chapters and was published in 2016.

Saeki asks Wataru to go on a journey with him throughout the summer after confessing his feelings.

The main series ends where the doujinshi, Akane no Koro, begins. It provides resolutions between the two characters readers had been seeking for a chapter.

The summer months are the ideal time to read this comic.


26.) That’s called Jealousy- Haikyuu DJ

word image 152507 26

This Doujinshi is from Haikyuu. Bokuto x Akaashi and Tsukishima x Kuroo. But at some point, you’ll be seeing them almost having three-some.

Their visuals and hotness? Still there, but more.


27.) The Most Powerful Haunted House and the Guy With No Spiritual Sense

word image 152507 27

The tale centers on a man who lives in a haunted house as Kinako-sama, the earthbound spirit, makes every effort to frighten the living daylights out of the man because he cannot perceive ghosts.


28.) Momohime

word image 152507 28

Momohime is a doujin based on the Japanese folk tale of Momotaro, which describes a boy from a peach to an elderly.

Afterwards, he went to an island to fight Onis. But in this story, the boy is a girl named Momo.

The series uses a combat system based on sex, which despite being a trope at this point, it’s still stupidly fun to read.


29.) From Star Strings

word image 152507 29

The fantasy genre is represented by this uncommon doujinshi. The narrative’s protagonist is Kororu, a little child with no memory of her history who lives alone on a planet.

One day while wandering, Kororu came across a string that appeared to have fallen from the sky.

Kororu tugged on the sting inquisitively, and it appeared to respond.

She decides to climb the string, regardless of how far it would take her because she is eager to meet the person at the other end.


30.) After Work

word image 152507 30

Naoe Yoshihito doesn’t see himself as bound by his employer, even though his ex-girlfriend left because of his continual overtime work at the company.

Following the social media account of a cat named Goma constantly helps him decompress from the stress of living for his job and providing for his cherished hamster Hanako. But it turns out that their owner and his favourite cat idol are far closer than he ever imagined.


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