Bandai Namco’s Shares Jump 4.4% After Elon Musk Tweets Idolmaster Meme!

Bandai Namcos Shares Jump 4.4 After Elon Musk Tweets Idolmaster Meme

Elon Musk seems to be one of the most consistent celebrities to talk about anime. And is a genuine fan without being a culture vulture like many attempt to do.

That’s why there are so many memes relating to Elon Musk and anime.

Fans love it.

And now there’s a new meme causing a stir.


Elon Musk’s Idolmaster Meme

idolmaster meme elon musk

After this Tweet went out and 404K+ likes and almost 100K retweets, Bandai’s shares jumped 4.4% as a result of it.

As pointed out by Sputniknews:

“The shares of the toy and game maker company Bandai Namco Holdings Inc jumped 4.4 percent after the tech entrepreneur posted a meme featuring a character from the Idolmaster franchise.”





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