15+ Perfect Asuna Yuuki T Shirts For SAO Fans

asuna yuuki anime wallpaper

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Asuna Yuuki is one of the most loved female anime characters.

It’s only natural for their to be plenty of merchandise for Asuna as a waifu.

Whether you buyan Asuna Yuuki T shirt for:

  • Your partner
  • Friend
  • Family member
  • Or yourself

There’s plenty to choose from.

Here’s the best designs from the best characters.


1. Asuna Logo T Shirt

1658855 1

Asuna Yuuki with her sword and logo background.

Asuna Logo T Shirt


2. Asuna Vaporwave T Shirt

8530198 0

Asuna Vaporwave T Shirt


3. Asuna Yuuki Senpai T Shirt

2000118 1

Asuna Senpai T Shirt


4. Asuna SAO T Shirt

412865 1 1

Asuna T Shirt with SAO text.

Asuna SAO T Shirt


5. Asuna White T Shirt

8746801 0

Asuna White T Shirt


6. Asuna Cute T Shirt

4470799 0

Asuna Cute T Shirt


7. Asuna Red T Shirt

3718206 0

Asuna Red T Shirt


8. Asuna Chibi T Shirt

2122665 1

Asuna Chibi T Shirt


9. Asuna Dressed Down T Shirt

7770389 2

Asuna Dressed Down T Shirt


10. Asuna Sword T Shirt

9126398 0

Asuna Sword


11. Asuna Cross Dress T Shirt

8777624 0

Asuna with a Kirito style outfit.

Asuna Cross Dress T Shirt


12. Asuna Black Outfit T Shirt

2122756 1

Asuna Black Outfit with purple ring.

Asuna Black Outfit T Shirt


13. Asuna Don’t Look T Shirt

9237442 0

Asuna Don't Look T Shirt


14. Asuna Light T Shirt

7683537 0

Asuna Light T Shirt


15. Asuna SAO S2 T Shirt

7683404 0

Asuna S2 T Shirt


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