16+ Assassination Classroom T Shirts To Buy For Summer

assassination classroom wallpaper anime

Assassination Classroom is a great school series with its own style.

And the teacher can be argued to be the best we’ve seen in anime history.

If you’re looking for:

  • Koro Sensei
  • Nagisa
  • Karma Akabane

And merchandise/T shirts from similar characters, here’s some recommendations.

Let’s get started.


1. Koro Sensei T Shirt

6521373 0

Study Hard, Shoot Well Koro Sensei T Shirt.

Koro Sensei T Shirt


2. MBlack Koro T Shirt

8652788 0

Black and yellow Koro t shirt.

Black Koro T Shirt


3. Koro Sensei Cone T Shirt

3289461 0

Koro Ice Cream T Shirt


4. Nagisa Kanade T Shirt

8558159 0

Nagisa and Kanade T Shirt.

Nagisa Kanade T Shirt


5. Koro Selfie T Shirt

2994492 1

Koro Sensei doing a selfie T shirt.

Koro Selfie T Shirt


6. Nagisa Vs Karma T Shirt

5775005 2

Nagisa Karma T Shirt


7. Karma & Nagisa T Shirt

2178240 1

Nagisa & Karma T Shirt


8. Koro Smile T Shirt

525442 1

Koro Smile T Shirt


9. Koro Sensei School T Shirt

542969 1

Koro School T Shirt


10. Koro Monokuma T Shirt

3654135 0

Crossover of Koro Sensei and Monokuma from both Assassination Classroom + Danganronpa.

Koro Monokuma T Shirt


11. Kayano Kaede T Shirt

8327998 0

Kayano T Shirt


12. Chibi Assassination Classroom T Shirt

8557937 0

Chibi Assassination Classroom T Shirt


13. Classroom 3-E T Shirt

1981726 1

Classroom 3-E T Shirt


14. Koro University T Shirt

3757879 0

Kunagigaoka Academy E-Class T Shirt with Koro Sensei.

Koro University T Shirt


15. Koro Head T Shirt

525468 1

Koro Sensei Head T Shirt


16. Koro Karma Nagisa T Shirt

5221374 0

Koro Karma Nagisa T Shirt


Shop for more Assassination Classroom Merchandise

assassination classroom merchandise anime motivation


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