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Are you an independent seller of:

  1. Anime fan art.
  2. Original anime art.
  3. Light novels.
  4. Manga.

Anime Motivation has up to 30,000+ visitors a month. On track to hit 100,000+ in 2018 with plans to grow even further.

Anime Motivation’s mission is to make a difference in the anime community, and this expansion is part of that mission.


What you get as an anime seller:

  • You get to keep 90% of each sale (commission).
  • Exposed to 1000’s of visitors per month.
  • Your products will be promoted each week in blog posts and content.
  • Have your products sold alongside Anime Motivation’s store.
  • Exposure to Anime Motivation’s Pinterest, which generates almost 1M+ monthly viewers.

And plenty more! 

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