31+ Fresh Anime Waifu T Shirts Committed Fans Will Love

hotaru shidare waifu

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Anime waifu’s make the industry go round.

Every season, every year, and within almost every anime you can find a waifu with qualities that fit your ideals.

And there are plenty of these waifu’s with:

  • T shirts
  • Merchandise

And more to add to your anime merch collection.

Here’s the best waifu t shirts to get started.


1. Hotaru Shidare T Shirt

4667281 0

Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi with her name in dark red/black writing.

Hotaru Shidare T Shirt


2. Hotaru Waifu T Shirt

2739003 0

Hotaru Waifu T Shirt


3. Waifu T Shirt

2229025 1

Waifu T Shirt


4. Pink Waifu T Shirt

6528248 0

Waifu Kanji T Shirt


5. Waifu Text T Shirt

6399182 0

Waifu Text T Shirt


6. Neko Waifu T Shirt

8368922 0

Neko Waifu T Shirt


7. Not Your Waifu T Shirt

9178337 0

Not Your Waifu T Shirt


8. Fluffy Waifu T Shirt

8012911 0

Fluffy Waifu T Shirt


9. Waifu for Laifu T Shirt

1451788 1

Waifu for Laifu T Shirt


10. Vanilla Neko Waifu T Shirt

6163250 0

Vanilla Neko Waifu T Shirt


11. Your Waifu Calls Me Senpai T Shirt

9209381 0

Your Waifu Calls Me Senpai T Shirt


12. Waifu’s do it better T Shirt

7068644 0

Waifu's do it better T Shirt


13. My Waifu Is Class T Shirt

4263547 0

My Waifu Is Class T Shirt


14. Raphtalia Waifu T Shirt

9499450 0

Raphtalia Waifu T Shirt


15. Waifu Merch T Shirt

7891202 0

Waifu Merch T Shirt


16. Wai-Fu T Shirt

5975664 0

Wai-Fu T Shirt


17. Zero Two Waifu T Shirt

9204896 0

Zero Two Waifu T Shirt


18. Shy Waifu T Shirt

8687951 0

Shy Waifu T Shirt


19. Waifu Material T Shirt

7177998 0

Waifu Material T Shirt


20. Busty Waifu T Shirt

8632654 0

Busty Waifu T Shirt


21. 2D-3D Waifu T Shirt

2089158 1

2D-3D Waifu T Shirt


22. Bad Waifu Is Sad Laifu T Shirt

754041 1

Bad Waifu Sad Laifu T Shirt


23. Sexy Waifu T Shirt

8632735 0

Sexy Waifu T Shirt


24. Certified Waifu T Shirt

8624729 0

Certified Waifu T Shirt


25. Waifu Queen T Shirt

8672400 0

Waifu Queen T Shirt


26. Maki Oze Waifu T Shirt

9498776 0

Maki oze with witch hat.

Maki Oze Waifu T Shirt


27. Just A Girl Who Loves Waifu T Shirt

8811381 0

Just a girl who loves waifu material!

Just A Girl Who Loves Waifu T Shirt


28. Waifu Queen T Shirt

9065855 0

Akeno Waifu T Shirt


29. Mamako Waifu T Shirt

8956377 0

Mamako Waifu T Shirt


30. Just A Girl Who Loves Waifu T Shirt

8811435 0

Just a man who loves his waifu!

Just A Man Who Loves His Waifu T Shirt


31. Black Haired Waifu T Shirt

7186296 0

Black Haired Waifu T Shirt


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