Anime Voice Actors Forced To Take Out Loans After Spending Their Savings (Coronavirus)

Literally a few weeks ago I talked about this. I mentioned what was bound to come in the next few weeks, and how anime voice actors, employees, artists and more will suffer.

Well, now that’s for real and it’s coming to light.

Aside from well known, famous voice actors:

  • The average voice actor has to take out loans.
  • Some have burnt (and are burning) through savings.

And depending on how long this #coronavirus pandemic lasts, poverty will come knocking on their door.

After all – this is only gonna get worse as the struggle continues (since people can’t work).

According to The Japanese Union who did a survey:

  • 75% of VA’S won’t be paid for their past performances.
  • 52% are dipping into their savings.
  • 26% don’t have enough savings to survive.

And that’s the reason a lot of em are taking out loans to deal with the situation.

The reason why so many haven’t been paid is because of cancellations related to the Coronavirus in the past month.

We can only expect this to get worse assuming this outbreak lasts longer than it needs to.

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