6 Weird But Effective Anime Shows That Will Motivate You To Study Hard

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An anime show that will motivate you to study?

You won’t find many of those any time soon!

Most shows don’t focus on “studying” after all. Except when comedy, fantasy and other elements are blended into the mix.

This often “drowns out” the studying elements. But there are some anime shows that will do the job.

And so – if it’s motivation you want to study, these anime shows are worth trying…

Let’s get to it.


1. The Royal Tutor

5 Weird But Effective Anime Shows That Will Motivate You To Study Hard

It’s all in the title. This is probably the most motivating anime series related to studying.

After all, almost 100% of the anime focuses on studying and self-improvement.

The story: A tutor comes into a palace to groom, study and teach 4 young princes who will one day become king.

Each prince has their own major flaws when it comes to studying. And their previous tutor was unsuccessful.

That’s where Heine Wittgenstein comes in. Aka – “The Royal Tutor”.

There’s no way you’ll watch this series without taking some “motivation” from it to study harder.

You’ll be drawn into each characters self-improvement journey, and that will give you the needed inspiration.


2. Assassination Classroom

5 Weird But Effective Anime Shows That Will Motivate You To Study Hard

Another anime with a major focus on studying, hard work, and what it leads to if you dedicate yourself.

The Story: An alien who enrols as a teacher threatens to destroy the moon (and the world).

So a set of students are trained to assassinate and destroy Koro Sensei before that happens.

You’ll learn about philosophy, changing your perspective for the better, and life lessons which will aid you.

The comedy and action aspects are worth it, too.


3. Denpa Kyoushi

5 Weird But Effective Anime Shows That Will Motivate You To Study Hard

Similar to Assassination Classroom, Denpa Kyoushi has a strong focus on self-improvement.

While it’s true some episodes don’t focus on studying in a traditional sense, each episode teaches you something valuable.

And it’s those lessons (like building your confidence) that will motivate you to study harder.

And even change your perspective on things, which will indirectly help you.


4. Hyouka

5 Weird But Effective Anime Shows That Will Motivate You To Study Hard

This is a mystery anime series, so at first it might seem “weird” to recommend this.

But at its core, Hyouka’s an intellectual, introspective anime that makes you think and ponder.

Some of the elements also relate to “studying” or doing things that aren’t particularly motivating.

And the anime manages to make un-motivating, “boring” themes sound interesting and exciting. As a result of perspective.

So try it, it might help you in a weird way.


5. Rokudenashi

5 Weird But Effective Anime Shows That Will Motivate You To Study Hard

The genre of this anime is fantasy and magic.

Within the first 2 episodes of Rokudenashi, education is one of the big topics.

Like when Glenn Radars, a main character, provides an example of how words can create a physical reaction.

These educational lessons do continue throughout the series, but not as much as the first few episodes.

Glenn Radars (the teacher) has a unique perspective on learning, studying and teaching methods. Some of which might motivate you to study or change your perspective on studying, which could help.

And there are similarities to Denpa Kyoushi and Assassination Classroom. Especially as far as having an “unconventional” teacher.

Ignoring the 2nd episode’s incident, this anime is mostly on point.


6. Cells At Work

cells at work anime osmosis

Cells At Work is one of the latest and greatest in recent years. With a unique approach to education and entertainment.

The anime is about:

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Biology
  • Disease

And everything related to it inside your own body.

Red blood cells, white blood cells (and others) are given human-like characters to ilustrate the role these things play in our immune system.

It’s comedic, hilarious, funny as F but at the same time – educational and thought provoking.

It’s the equivalent of learning about science and biology without the boring lectures. And instead – lectures and lessons that help you laugh and learn along the way.


Other anime which “may” motivate you to study:

  • Little Witch Academia.
  • My Hero Academia.


Which anime series has motivated you to study in the past?

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