These 17+ Anime Shows Need Another Season ASAP!

No Game No Life anime girls
Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime shows aren’t always original. And that’s why you find a lot of anime without 2nd, 3rd or 4th seasons.

The anime industry makes a habit out of adapting:

  • Light novels
  • Manga
  • Video games

And this is the reason why so many anime need another season. And why it doesn’t happen, even after years and years.

Here’s a list of anime that need to be mentioned.


Anime that NEED another season:


1. Owari No Seraph

owari no seraph orphans episode 1

Owari No Seraph is an anime adapted from a light novel. And the light novel has plenty of material to go around.

The anime starts out with some tragic events, similar to Attack n Titan since they’re both made by the same studios.

From there we see a lot of action, bloodshed, violence and the war between vampires and humans.

After the 2nd season ends, it ends on a cliff-hanger. It literally begs for a 3rd season to be made, and the light novel has all the material they need to make it happen.


2. Rokudenashi

rokudenashi funny moments glenn rumia and sistine

Rokudenashi (Akashic Records) is another anime that needs another season, desperately.

Made by studio Lerche, Rokudenashi also comes from a light novel series that’s full of material to no end. There’s a lot of content.

The anime has a similar setting to The Irregular At Magic High School, Assassination Classroom and The Royal Tutor. Based in a magic academy.

Glenn Radars (the teacher) is the source of this anime’s comedy and relatable protagonist who’s not overpowered.

It’s about time the anime had a 2nd season adapted because the material is there in the light novels.


3. The Demon Girl Next Door

the demon girl next door shamiko momo and miku

The Demon Girl Next Door is a slice of life/fantasy series by J.C Staff. Who’s also known for Railgun, Index, Toradora and Food Wars.

It’s a magical girl series with a slight twist to what we’re usually used to seeing in the industry.

The main character is a demon girl, who ironically becomes friends with a magical girl who’s supposed to fight and kill demons.

It all ends up turning into a comedy with your laid back episodes and interesting chemistry between characters.

Another season is needed to continue the story (it was adapted from a manga).


4. The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

oda nobuna blonde hair

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna is an anime that’s based on a real life historical figure in Japanese history. That historical figure is Nobunaga.

He was the man who united Japan and is a considered a legend in Japanese history.

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna adapts that story but makes some of the characters female instead of male. But with the same names for the characters.

YouTube video

No other anime has told the Nobunaga story better than this series. And there’s clearly more that needs to be adapted, based on the last episode.

Especially since it comes from a light novel.

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5. Skip Beat!

skip beat kyoko

Skip Beat is a Shoujo series adapted from a manga. It’s one of the best drama/romance series I’ve seen in my life.

The anime is so underrated I can’t even put it into words because it won’t do it any justice.

The main character is Kyoko Mogami, a girl who’s out for revenge against her ex boyfriend who used (then got rid of her) like toilet paper.

He took adavntage of Kyoko’s:

  • Money
  • Hard work
  • Kindness
  • Commitment

…To build up his own career in show biz, and then ditched her once he became successful enough to do it on his own.

Skip Beat is a story of vengeance like no other, and how it plays out is something else.

Still needs another season!

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6. Hinamatsuri

hina and anzu hinamatsuri funny

Hinamatsuri is the classic slice of life series that came out in 2018. It was one of my best anime of that year and of all time.

Adapted from a manga, the anime is about Hina. A strange “alien” girl who shows up out of nowhere and has supernatural powers.

The anime doesn’t take the route of focusing on her powers. Instead it focuses on the slice of life/human aspect of the series.

One side of the anime is Hina, the other is Hitomi and her nonsense, and another side is Anzu, who makes the anime meaningful, in depth and emotional.

Needs another season ASAP.

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7. No Game No Life

no game no life main characters e1595680069526

I haven’t seen tons of this anime but I know about what it brings to the table. And what anime fans have been expecting from this series.

Adapted from a light novel, it’s about two characters who are brother and sister. Both are Otakus.

Strategy, tactics, these are common themes you see in No Game No Life, comparable to Code Geass or Death Note.

But without the violence of those anime.

Fans have been expecting a 2nd season for years but there’s nothing but rumors so who knows when it will happen.


8. God Eater

god eater anime eries lenka itsugi

God Eater is adapted from a video game, but that doesn’t change the fact that the anime needs another season.

It’s a violent series with monsters known as Arigami. The level of violence here makes me wonder why it’s not classed as a horror.

If you’re into Attack On Titan or Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, God Eater is a good alternative with some of the nicest animation you’ll see.

Even the CGI animation style is solid, and much better than comparable CGI anime.


9. Land Of The Lustrous

phos face land of the lustrous gif

Land Of The Lustrous is another anime made in 2018, this time by studio Orange. It’s about a race called “gems” and the Lunarians who hunt them.

Being a mystery type of series, the anime is full of mysterious events, the unknown, and it makes you question what’s happening.

No anime can be compared for its uniqueness, and there’s plenty of potential for a 2nd season.

Adapted from a manga.

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10. Gamers!

gamers uehara karen and hoshinomori

Gamers is a rom com series made back in 2017. Adapted from a light novel.

It’s about gamers (literally) and the romantic misunderstandings between the characters.

Most of the comedy, word play, dialogue and humor is relevant to the gaming community. And unless you’re familiar with it you won’t find it as funny.

Otherwise the anime is solid and one of the best comedies I’ve seen. Plenty of potential for another season!


11. Gabriel Dropout

gabriel dropout angels

Gabriel Dropout is a slice of life that takes a fresh route compared to the majority. And focuses on angels and devils.

The irony is some of the angels act like devils, and vice versa. That’s also a big part of the anime’s comedy and humor.

Adapted from a manga, this short anime could do with a 2nd season. And there’s really no reason it can’t happen.


12. Full Metal Panic!

full metal panic invisible victory cover 1

Full Metal Panic is the only Mecha anime that’s carrying the genre forward. And keeping it alive in the modern day.

It’s the only Mecha from the 2000’s to still be making new seasons and still has a solid fan base.

The last season is what’s considered the 4th season, called Invisible Victory. But the light novel has so much material there’s no reason the anime shouldn’t have another season in years to come.


13. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

kabaneri of the iron fortress mumei face

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, made by WIT Studios (Attack On Titan) is another anime that needs another season.

At the of the series and throughout the plot, there are a lot of things pointed out that make this anime worthy of a 2nd season.

The world in Kabaneri is still full of Kabani, and the threat hasn’t been eliminated just yet.

The problem with this anime is it’s an original, not an adaptation. But there’s still potential for another season.


14. Black Bullet

black bullet blind girl with enju and rentaro e1595679518792

Black Bullet is another “apocalypse” type of anime with similarities to Kabaneri, Attack On Titan and God Eater.

The anime is about a monster called Gastrea, and the “Gastrea virus” that causes an epidemic in Tokyo.

Besides the action, the main characters and how it plays out, the LAST episode does a complete 180 and ends on a cliff-hanger.

If any anime on this list need another season, Black Bullet is definitely one of them because of season 1’s last episode.


15. Nisekoi

nisekoi false love anime

Nisekoi, done by SHAFT studios (Monogatari, Madoka Magica) is one of the most unique harem anime out there.

Most harem shows have every cliché in the book laid out in the plot, usually without any shame. It’s why harem is one of the most worst rated genre’s in anime.

But Nisekoi takes what I feel is a fresh approach. And it doesn’t feel like all other harems that came before or after.

That coms down to studio SHAFT being behind the wheel.

A 3rd season is needed, and the manga has the material for it.

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16. Sankarea: Undying Love

sankarea undying love anime series 1

Sankarea: Undying Love is a horror/Ecchi fantasy series adapted from a manga. It’s about Chihiro, a male protagonist who wants a zombie girlfriend.

He feels “normal” girls don’t do it for him so he has no interest.

This all changes, courtesy of the plot and how this strange horror plays itself out.

With its deep themes, somewhat disturbing episodes, but curious characters, the cliff-hanger of a last episode begs for another season to be made.


17. Goblin Slayer

goblin slayer dark fantasy anime

Goblin Slayer starts off with the most savage first episode most anime can’t claim. It’s the reason for so much controversy back in 2018.

After that the anime calms down its violence and it never reaches anything extreme from that point.

With the adventure aspect that we see as the anime progresses, and the goblins of course, a 2nd season has a lot of potential.

Given how dark the manga is and how much material it has, it’s all doable and possible!


Honorable Mentions:

  • Minami-Ke.
  • Saekano.
  • Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless.
  • Slayers.
  • Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple.
  • Spice And Wolf.


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Jusmin amosco

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