The Biggest Anime Predictions For 2019 (According To Anime Fans Worldwide)

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Back in late 2016, a couple of months after Anime Motivation started, I did my own predictions for 2017.

9 Big Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2017

Fast forward to today with 2019 only 2 months away, I decided to run a poll on Reddit. Asking fans what their predictions are for the coming year.

theojellis reddit

36 people have responded in the last 16 hours.

Let’s talk about their predictions, then I’ll add some of my own afterwards.

If anymore responses are added on Reddit (and Quora), this post will be updated.


2019 Anime Predictions (According To Reddit):


1. Get ready for “reverse” Isekai

Isekai is where the main character is transported to another world. I’m sure you know by now.

Here’s what one Reddit user has to say:

“Get ready for Reverse Isekai – a regular villager in a fantasy world dies and gets reincarnated as the playboy son of a rich bigshot CEO in modern Japan.”

And here’s what another Reddit user said in response:

“Fuck. I actually want that.. Sounds like it’d be hilarious. A hardworking and impoverished villager comedically exploring all the privileges of our society and the things we take for advantage, and slowly getting used to all of it. …And then maybe there’d also be a gag about Japan’s insane work ethic and practices being equal to that of a slave back in his world.”

Basically, instead of being transported to another world… A person who’s already “in another world” is transported to a regular one.

Hence, reverse Isekai.

I can see a lot of creativity with this idea.


2. A 3rd season of New Game!

new game season 2 anime

I LOVE New Game. It’s one of the most refreshing slice of life shows in recent years.

2019 would be a good time to release a 3rd season, and I wouldn’t mind this happening.

Assuming it makes sense.


3. Season 2 of “The Devil Is A Part Timer”

the devil is a part timer characters e1542122788914

This is another prediction for 2019. And I love it.

I don’t personally see it happening, but it has enough material as it stands to produce a season 2.


4. Expect to see more Isekai and Light Novel adaptations

mahou sensou light novel adaptations

You can tell a lot of people agree that Isekai is a trend that won’t stop anytime soon.

I don’t see any reason there wouldn’t be more of this in 2019.


5. HiDive/Sentai Filmworks will be bought by Disney

I LOVE this prediction (because I love business).

Here’s what DeTroyes1 has to say about this prediction:

“Disney is at present the only major player in the streaming/original content market that does not have its own anime licensing division. At present, the only anime titles they run on their streaming service (Hulu) are licensed from other providers (mostly Funimation).

However, none of these titles are exclusive to Hulu; every title they have is currently available legally somewhere else.

Since they are planning to challenge Netflix in the streaming arena, finding exclusive content will be important.

At the moment HiDive/Sentai Filmworks is the only major provider/license holder that is more or less independent; purchasing it directly would alleviate the need to possibly start their own division from scratch, and would bring with it a large amount of content it can make exclusive to its services.”

It’s a logical prediction and it’s clear he knows what he’s talking about.

I just wonder if a company like Disney will take a company like Sentai Filmworks “serious” enough to consider buying it.

Many companies don’t believe in anime after all.


6. Criticism of “Anime” by Social Justice Zealots Will Escalate

If you remember in 2017, a journalist from the BBC claimed “anime promotes pedophilia” and all kinds of outrageous statements.

anime pedophile claims goboiano

These are the social justice zealots this Reddit user is talking about.

Here’s what they have to say:

“We’re already seeing this happen, and it’s getting worse. Whether it’s feminists angry about depictions of women, religious people objecting to “glorifying” the occult, or complaints about excessive violence and/or perceived fascism, anime is unfortunately an over-ripe target for would-be nannies to get hysterical about.

All it would take is one prominent media darling to go over-the-top ranting, and the mobs will be pounding on anime‘s door.

Don’t think it can happen? Ask old-time table-top gamers what the early 1980s were like for D & D players. Sooner or later, the iconoclasts will come for anime and manga; prepare for it.”

It’s a good argument and it’s something I’ve talked about it before.

But if you ask me – this is the reason anime WILL continue to grow and become more powerful in the entertainment business.


7. Live action remake of Mobile Suit Gundam will be announced, including first casting choices for main roles.

mobile suit gundam anime

According to DeTroyes:

“Reading between the lines, I suspect this is the project Sunrise and Legendary are working on.

Next year is the 40th anniversary of the original MSG, and Sunrise has been strangely quiet about how they plan to honor that series.

Making an announcement that a big-budget live-action MSG reboot was coming would pretty much blow anything else they could announce right out of the water.”

Who knows, it just might happen.


8. Promised Neverland adaptation hits top 50 of MAL (MyAnimeList)

promised Neverland adaptatino


9. Shield Hero will have a major hit in the top 100 of MAL, with a follow-up season

the rising of the shield hero characters


10. DanMachi S2 major hit in top 100 of MAL

danmachi season 2 hestia and bell

Considering how popular Danmachi is, it just might pull it off. If its good enough.


11. Gintama season 9 will release

gintama anime comedy

It’s already reached 8 seasons and still going strong. So this is likely, though maybe not in 2019.


12. Announce an adaptation of Komi San Komyushou

miss komi is bad at communication


13. “Promised Neverland” could bring a level of hype comparable to Death Note and Attack On Titan

the promised never land anime image

A lot of fans seem to believe this anime has potential! Let’s see.


14. Virtual Reality Isekai

I like this prediction.


15. K-On 10th anniversary anime announcement

K on anime characters cute

K-On is a legend in the slice of life genre. So this would work out well with Kyoto Animation behind it.


16. “Promare” is gonna be big, and by big I mean on the level of Kill La Kill or Gurren Lagann

YouTube video

Produced by Studio Trigger!


17. Lots of Gal romance/educational shows

TheDampGod on Reddit also said:

“A big virtual YouTuber ensemble CGDCT anime that either kills the concept or explodes into something terrifying and smug.

A big upsurge in movies over 2nd and 3rd seasons, with new films for things like Oregairu and Haruhi being announced.”


18. There will be a worldwide recession and then a crash in the anime industry

I’ve said a couple of times that the anime industries bubble hasn’t burst yet. Though I personally don’t see it happening as early as 2019.

It WILL happen though.


19. More shows will completely implode on themselves like Marchen Madchen and My Sister

marchen madchen anime

Darling In The Franxx is a sad example of an anime that destroyed itself in 2018.

I was the biggest fan of that series, and it all went to hell. So I understand this prediction.


20. More mediocre Chinese produced anime will hit the market

I can see the meaning behind this prediction. But I don’t underestimate the Chinese.

I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually.


A quick list of my own personal predictions:

  • One Punch Man season 2 will release.
  • Dragon Ball Super‘s anime series will continue into a new chapter.
  • At least 10 anime production companies will shutdown.
  • Netflix will fail to create a “smash hit” original anime series.
  • The insane levels of production will slow down, and more shows will be of quality.
  • Kyoto Animation will create another successful series like Violet Evergarden.


What are your anime predictions for 2019?

There’s a LOT that could happen in 2019.

If you have any predictions of your own for the anime industry, leave it in the comments.

Source: Reddit


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